Competing local businesses. Rules of engagement


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My thoughts exactly. One is a pizza restaurant serving alcohol. The other a drinking rstablushment serving pizza. Vast difference.


Personally, I don’t like it when small towns like Forest Hill and Honor Oak have too much of the same thing - although I understand RachelDunlop’s comment about it sometimes being quite handy to be able to use a competitor when her preferred coffee bar is packed out.

I’m a landlord and I always take a view of whether or not a prospective shop tenant’s proposed use could be to the detriment of an existing neighbouring business or to the town centre. Admittedly, finding diverse and interesting businesses to fill vacant shops has been challenging in the past but the area’s changing demographic is slowly starting to make little waves out there.


Oh, the things I could tell you about Mamma Dough…


do we need ‘go anonymous’ functionality?


Need / want, maybe… Get, no chance lol. :joy:


I know I’ve been mentioned on this thread (not a problem with me at all) & I’d just like to add I can see both sides on the conversation so far in general.

@Lin welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

In the instance of The Chandos @Nancy & Mamma Dough I don’t think that The Chandos doing pizza will take trade away from Mamma Dough.

I think people that want to go out for pizza as a meal in HO will carry on using Mamma Dough & people that want to go out for a drink and enjoy pizza hopefully will choose The Chandos. This is only my opinion as one person.

As I’ve said on the Chandos thread @Nancy I appreciate you posting on here & wish you the best of luck with the venture :slight_smile:


Depends whether people want to know or not, I don’t have a problem talking about what I’ve seen.

I’ve already made Lewisham Council aware of what my wife and I have had to put up with and witnessed, so…


In the balance of fairness, the forum as a whole is not for one second against freedom of opinion or speech, so I would say there is no need to refrain. However the content of the post would be subject to being factually correct, and not used as a form of slander or personal attack. Hope that makes sense.

So in short, I would say you are free to post or PM people with your experiences, but the post may be subject to being split or moderated depending on how the discussion were to go.


I would also add that it would be better to either be explicit or say nothing at all, rather than leaving it up to speculation.


Very much so.


I agree. I do not wish to get the forum into any trouble.

Perhaps if I were to tell a moderator directly of what I have seen and they may advise as to whether they think it might be in the interests of the forum to post publicly here?


Feel free to message myself , @RachaelDunlop @Londondrz or @chrisbeach Matt, if you want. Then it can be discussed and go from there. Appreciate your consideration.


And as soon as I’ve worked out how you do that, I will. :slight_smile:


Sent you a message @MattB


On the subject of posting personal experiences about a business, any business, that are inflammatory then I would tread very carefully, true or not. And as a forum, you should be careful what you allow to be posted. There is no such thing as the freedom to say what you like about any individual or business, and again the truth doesn’t really come into it.

Illegal activities, health and safety violations or discrimination should be reported to the proper authorities, but even if you go through that procedure and the authority in question seems sympathetic to your cause, posting said information could become troublesome. Take the proper course of action, and of course take your business elsewhere, and be satisfied by that.


I would have thought that any new business, of whatever nature, would attract more footfall, which would benefit both new and existing businesses…

I can’t see why honest opinions should not be given on the forum, although as has been stated, allegations of matters such as breaking the law could attract trouble. However, the power of the press and more recently social media is such that the mere threat of using these channels may be enough to make establishment owners take matters seriously. It goes without saying that the forum would not publish any defamatory matter.

My personal policy has always been to complain to the person in charge at the establishment in the first instance i f there is cause for complaint, and if that is unsussessful, go to the top. If that doesn’t work, go public via local forums, Facebook etc.


I think similar local businesses can be a real plus. They keep each other on their toes, and if both are as good as they set out to be then customers will use both. If you have one unique business in an area they sometimes they can get a little tired, complacent and lacking in special offers. And competition benefits everybody - the business, the customers…


Can I be left out of this please, unless anyone asks me specifically to reply, which I will happily do.

I do speak my mind as both resident & trader, but please don’t have a go just for the sake of it.

Happy to answer to any genuine questions from anyone on this topic, but I never asked to be brought into this & am not annoyed or upset with anyone that has mentioned me either, but please leave me out of this argument unless I can help, thank you :slight_smile: