Complaints to Lewisham Council

Has anyone ever had a decent response to a complaint from Lewisham?
They basically just seem to ignore you in the hope it will go away or you will get bored - at least that is my experience.

I got fed up with the food bin collectors just throwing the waste bin into the front garden as they

  • Broke the bin
  • Didn’t empty it properly so there was rotten food scattered about.

All my neighbours bins were the similarly casually tossed back on to the street or garden.

I got a response saying I would have a new FOXPROOF bin within days (their capitalisation)
The bin never arrived and they have ignored any further emails completely even though I requested an escalation of the complaint. I wasn’t complaining about foxes - just the attitude of the rubbish collectors…

Also twice my bin hasn’t been emptied so I filled in the online form to request a collection and all you get is an email. Nothing actually happens and further emails are ignored.
I did get an email asking how satisfied I was with my complaint which was the only action they took!

Has anyone ever had a successful outcome from a complaint?


Where do I start?? So agree spoils this for the good ones who do the job. However they be like magic gems appearing randomly then they gone again. Robots seem to run the show now… slowly but surely they are growing and so is the charges for this and that!!

Lol. I refer you to a response I gave on another subject on here about ‘Services provided by Lewisham Council’:

It fills me with dread and dispair anytime I have to have any dealings with any council, be-it Lewisham or anywhere else I’ve lived.

We, as tax payers, have slowly been worn down, learning to expect and accept the ordeal of mediocrity that we are met with any time we have the misfortune of having to deal with these self-serving ‘organisations’!


A miracle has occurred!
Less than an hour after I posted the comment my bin has been emptied. has some miraculous powers… Maybe Lewisham scours the site and dispatches their top tier squads in response.

Natch I take some of the above back…


Someone must get a good response. We used to have an excellent road sweeper in my area. But he told me he was being moved to another area because the Council were receiving many complaints from that area!

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Once they didn’t empty my bin and they did nothing the first complaint. Second complaint they were apologetic and came and got it the next day.

I think they are just in a state of fire fighting and can only deal with so much. Hence things get dropped, missed and ignored.

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I have just reported my assisted collection for food waste bin and non return of my green recycle bin for the 3rd week in a row. My food waste bin hasn’t been emptied for 3 weeks now despite reporting through the website. My neighbour kindly returned my green bin today AGAIN (thank heavens for lovely neighbours). I did get a response last week for the grren bin, someone came Saturday, emptied the 4 cans out of it, but yet again today, non return again.

I have also tried to speak to someone about this but of course, you get directed back to the website and if you request a callback because the website is failing you, they don’t even ask for a number to call back on and hang up. Automated systems have flaws.

To think the village I lived in in Mallorca charged me 89 euros a YEAR for rubbish collection and collected it 6 nights a week.!

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