Consolidating the 2016-2020 Parents groups? [Done]

Over the years we’ve created individual opt-in groups for new parents, allowing them to chat with a small group of parents with children of the same age, a bit like the NCT model. There’s one group for each year.

However, looking at the usage of these groups, it might make more sense for their posts to be visible to all parents, as opposed to just those of the same “year group”

Shall we have a single group called “Parents” or something like that, and combine all the existing “20xx Parents” group members into it? We can have a single associated opt-in category that can be used to chat and organise meetups.

  • Combine the parents “year groups” into a single group
  • Maintain them as separate “year groups”
  • Don’t mind
  • Other (please comment)

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Broader categories based on child age/stage might be useful e.g. baby & toddler, pre-school, primary school, secondary school etc…

That said there is possibly only enough content/postings for one single group.


Agreed - I think I previously made the mistake of being too granular, so maybe better to stick to a single group and then split the topics into two or more groups if necessary in the future.

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I’ve merged all the parent “year groups” into a single group. If you join this group, you’ll see posts in the #parenting-schools category.

Much simpler and more inclusive :+1:

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