Constant Flytipping

I am on a near weekly basis reporting flytipping on gladiator street and on brockley rise using the FixMyStreet app. Although the app is great and items are taken away fairly quickly, this is a big problem and a constant battle. It now seems to be getting worse with more and more items being dumped in one go. What’s the best route of action to stop this besides constantly using FixMyStreet?

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I guess it is a bit of chicken and egg. It is great that by reporting it the rubbish is taken away but then that just shows to whoever is leaving the stuff there that it is being taken away quickly. Assuming always same culprit. Do you live close enough to see the area from your window or other neighbours to try and get license plate of whoever is dumping the stuff?

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Exactly. It’s a vicious cycle. I think it’s just a known area for anyone to dump stuff, as things are dumped all around that corner of brockley rise and gladiator street.

I do live very close to the problem corner but I’ve never caught anyone doing it as it happens at all times of the day. I don’t know if that corner has cctv camera somewhere?

Feel your pain. I have a similar situation down the side of mamma dough restaurant which is also a dumping ground. Also feel like an enabler as i use fix my street to get the rubbish removed only to be replaced by more. I have a contact in cleansing enforcement that i will share with you that may be able to help. Not sure if I can pm though…

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I feel the same dilemma - reporting the flytipping causes it to be tidied quickly and efficiently, and so encourages more dumping.

I feel the problem here is actually the contrast in effort required to properly dispose of something in Lewisham vs tipping it and having it reported. Small amounts of DIY waste are particularly problematic as it shouldn’t go in the bin, but isn’t accepted at Landmann Way either.

Particularly there have been a couple of topics here before with people struggling to find correct ways to dispose of such waste:

Same round Crofton park. This was dumped three weeks ago and it’s been reported many times. I guess you have better luck than us

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