Contacting Lewisham Council to request electric vehicle charging points?

I’ve posted the below in the SE4 Facebook group and am hoping to cast the net a bit wider!

I’m thinking about contacting Lewisham Council in regards to onstreet electric car charging points. There are limited points in my area (Crofton Park) and there is no option to charge cars at home. The nearest to me seem to be in Catford or Telegraph Hill.

I see that there are grants available (75% of the cost by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles) for local authorities to install charging points and that take up has been poor by local authorities, thus there is central funding available which it would be great to tap into.

Part of the application process for the Local Authority is for them to demonstrate demand from local residents.

I’m hoping to get a feel from anyone out there who (a) already has an electric or plug in hybrid car (b) is considering getting one and might be interested in helping me to demonstrate demand. If there is enough potential interest then I’ll work out how is best to demonstrate demand for these charging points and I’ll contact the council.

Ideally I’d like a charging point on Crofton Park, but even Honor Oak or Ladywell would be great.

I don’t want this to turn into a debate about the merits of electric / hybrid cars (I am a chartered engineer and am fully aware of the benefits / drawbacks / environmental considerations :wink:), but hope there are others that might be interested in helping out.



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We are looking at getting a plug in at some point in next couple of years but put off at moment by lack of available charging spots. Count me in. We are Forest Hill - Woolstone road. Thanks.

Nice one.

Not SE23 (we are SE3), but still Lewisham so hopefully this helps:

Contact the Lewisham Council lead for Transport, Counsellor Alan Smith:
He will probably advise you lobby Source London for a charge point.

We are actively wanting an EV right now, but cannot charge it anywhere.

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This is without a doubt going to be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome as the push for EV’s continues.
Would be interesting to see new developments maybe putting some in during the building, or at least setting up the infrastructure to make retro fitting simple.

I think we are a long way off seeing a mainstream push by local authorities for these, even with the mayor constantly telling us we need to clean up our act.

Savacentre at Bell Green has charge points (two I think).

Interestingly they are adjacent to the Timpson’s portacabin and NOT at the garage ie at the far left corner of the main building as you look at it.

I have no idea how a customer might pay for the charge.

The charging points are free. There are a couple in the Sainsburys car park in Forest Hill as well

Not sure what the ‘garage’ you refer to is. Given that charging takes some time, it makes sense to have the points in the main car park so people can use them while shopping.

Should have said petrol station (next to Southend Lane exit).

Agree entirely on it makes good sense to have them located where they are - was attempting to make sure people did not search the petrol station area.

It’s interesting that you associated charging points with refuelling. But there’s no logical reason for them to be together, especially as electric charging takes a long time and I don’t think owners of electric vehicles would look in or near the petrol station. Charging points are a place where you hook up the car then leave it while you do something else.

I don’t - and perhaps wrongly thought others might make the association.

I am not a plug-in EV user.

My observations were intended to be helpful, if a little casual.

As a Scot I am glad the service is free - i must let the relatives know.

And I could be wrong in assuming people wouldn’t look near the petrol station. We need a charge point user to settle the debate.

We have had to visit Poole frequently in the last year or so and we have observed this arrangement.

Seems entirely practical too.

Acknowledgement to Google.

Is this the form of charge point that we need to see proliferate on London streets ?

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Why should EV owners get to recharge their vehicles for free?

Well that is up to the people offering the service - If Sainsbury’s want to offer it for free then good luck to them if it gets footfall. I am not sure that local authorities should be offering free charging but natch they can always justify it by using the resultant reduction in local pollution I guess.

For electric cars to go really mainstream then we must be able to charge them at home but most homes are not suitable - I would have to have a cable draped across the pavement.


Being entirely sympathetic to your point :

I made a quick search for charger points including one that might be built into a sub-surface waterproof box. Did not even get that far - was appalled to find that outlets were in the range of 400-800 GBP.

Going mainstream is going to require someone to design and manufacture secure outlets that are priced at commodity levels.

It must be of significant worry to anyone that a pedestrian may trip over any draped cable and attempt to make a civil case out of it.

Have we identified a niche in a market ?

Yeah I was envisaging some sort of pop up box near the kerb, but very difficult as then it wouldn’t technically be on my property. Certainly a market here somewhere.
Unless the tech gets to the point whereby you can charge in a matter of minutes from a standard cable there is going to be an issue for mainstream use.
I still think hydrogen fuel cells could have a future

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Good point. For some reason I hadn’t thought that it may the retailer offering the charging point.


That has been achieved (although I don’t know if from a standard cable) and is in development for commercial application. So you will be able to recharge in about the same time it would take to fill you tank with petrol.

As regards cost of charging pods - a friend recently bought an electric car and installation of the home kit was included in the price. Unfortunately, she had to upgrade her home electrics at her own cost to meet the required spec.


Can you advise if this was a wall mounted or internal item mounted inside a garage for example ? Sorry to hear about your friends additional expense.

I don’t know the details but definitely not a garage. She lives in a typical East Dulwich Victorian terrace.