Contactless charge issue at Forest Hill station



The last 3 days I have been charged incorrectly by TFL when using contactless at Forest Hill station. I have emailed them about this - because I often go to and from the station I am getting charged the maximium amount for each incomplete journey.

The issue seems to be with the card readers at Forest Hill station, which appear to work (and open for me) - but the entry and later exit is not registered correctly.

Has anyone else had this issue in the last few days? May be worth checking your journey history on the TFL site.


Yep, same here. I’ve also had it happen at Shoreditch a couple of times recently.


Me too. Both times i used it. I thought i must have made a mistake but clearly not.


Yep. 4th and 5th July for me


Interestingly this evening the app has worked out where i started. I wonder if the ticket barriers just take longer than they should to connect to the database.


Yep same here. The app is a mess, but the website shows better records and has an orange star against the last few days and says:

Information displayed for this day may not be complete as it can take a few days for journeys and transactions to appear online

The journeys do seem to be sorting themselves out automatically, though it is annoying to have to keep an eye on this, as well as all the other rail problems at the moment.


Same thing happened to me as well. I’ve put in a claim for a refund on three journeys via the website. And you can only put in three claims a month. Seems unfair, especially when Tfl seems as fault.


Just to clarify, I’ve not put in any claims and things seem to be righting themselves after a few days.


I’ve received a notification that my claims have been replaced by automatic updates. So all sorted


My journeys were all registered correctly and immediately this morning, so hopefully this problem had been fixed and no-one is out of pocket.


I was ‘lucky’ at the weekend that my contactless NFC chip on my phone didn’t work at Forest Hill at the weekend, so used Oyster instead, where I was charged correctly.