Cooking question

Quick cooking question. Garlic scapes. Do you eat the flower bud bit? First time I’ve had them. I’m thinking of blanching them tonight then deep frying in tempura batter tomorrow. Does that sound okay?

My veg box has just arrived. It has a bunch of baby turnips. I loathe turnips. Any ideas as to how to make them taste nice?

Also can I eat the leaves of them and of beets? Such a lot if nice looking greenery in there that it seems a waste not to. I know some things like rhubarb leaves you can’t eat.

The leaves of beetroot are delicious. Chopped them into a salad or a stir fry. You can do the same with turnip greens but I like them steamed.

Try a turnip gratin. Just make a gratin or Dauphenoise as normal and replace some or all of potato with turnip.


Thank you @starman that all sounds lovely. Bit nervous about turnips, but the baby ones look a bit better than the woody things we used to get fed at my Scottish school…

@marymck I don’t know if this article might help - I thought the first bit of the title fitted your original comments about turnips quite well!
If You Hate Turnips, Sweet Baby Turnips May Surprise You.


That’s really helpful. Thanks @ChrisR. It’s a nice website too - rather addictive. Thanks for the link.