Cool men's vintage clothes shop coming soon to Dartmouth Road!



Crazy Man Crazy will be joining our merry gang on D Rd very soon :+1::+1:

Here’s a review by Time Out


Dear TimeOut

Why would someone have to go to Crystal Palace station when Forest Hill station is much closer?


Jason, the shop was previously in Crystal Palace but is coming to D Rd now :+1:


Oh. That wasn’t particularly clear in the announcement.

But nonetheless this is a great news for Forest Hill. I’ve always thought this was becoming an outstanding centre for retro/vintage goods. Maybe this is a sign that SE23 is taking over from Crystal Palace.


Its a brilliant shop-me and my old man used to go to CP just to shop there.
I brought myself the only jeans Ive ever loved and enjoyed wearing there (He does a bit of girls stuff these are girls 50’s style jeans)- so good I went back and got a spare.
really well priced and great stock.
I’m so chuffed he’s moving here I know he was looking at Kirkdale originally.
Lovely owner great stock a welcome addition.


And thanks to @Anotherjohn for finding him a retail space :+1:


Do we know when it’s going to be open id love to pop by and have a visit as new to the area and have a keen interest in fashion and art


@Anotherjohn will be able to answer that question better than me, though work started on Monday so not long at all.

Welcome to the area & the forum & feel free to pop by to have a chat about & FH Arts anytime.

More than happy to get you involved in either if you want too :+1:


Thanks Pauline,
I will have to certainly pop by say hi and have a chat on my next day off :grinning:


I wish there was a non-cool men’s clothes shop in FH or Sydenham, where I could buy (for example) handkerchiefs.


Pocket squares and more hopefully soon for you by the sounds of it


I don’t want a ‘pocket square’, I want something to blow my nose on.


If I may be excused (?) - a snot rag.


Hi mwfrost.

Although the details of this new business is probably no secret, I think it would be more appropriate for the people involved to make it public rather than me.

It won’t be too long now though!


That is indeed an expression I recall from my primary school playground.


:joy: what a beautiful description


I can’t wait !!! :heart:


A little dickybird told me this is opening today!


Is this where Wild Horses is?


Ah… I see from Twitter that Wild Horses has been split and the other half will be this new vintage men’s shop. Gotcha!