Cool men's vintage clothes shop coming soon to Dartmouth Road!



Yup, and Wild Horses is reopening tomorrow, been up to have a look at both this morning & they are looking ace :+1::+1::+1:


What great news! All we need is a fishmongers, fruteriers and an M&s and I will not need to go to Dulwich again! I love that end of Forest Hill. The Aldlife charity shop is wonderful.


There is both with Waters Enterprises on Perry Vale. Though Waters has been close for a few weeks due to personal circumstances. They tweeted yesterday they would reopen at the end of August.


I’m disabled and don’t drive. from the swimming pool to Sainsbury’s is all I can manage. I can’t climb the steps at the station subway so would have to go the long way round. Thank you for letting me know though.



Excellent news, mens clothing in forest hill, who’da thought. Although I have bought some items from Bunka.


I remember two mens’clothing shops in Forest Hill - one selling designer clothes by one particular designer whose business it was, in Dartmouth Road, the other further down near the Signal.