CoOp currently closed due to Power Failure [Now Open]

The CoOp is currently closed (as of 11.25 on June 24th) due to power failure… shutters are down and there were two guys working by the front door when I went just now. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to fix and will open again in the afternoon. Although I wonder if that means they will have any stock issues or freezer/chiller issues. Might just go to Sainsbury’s on London Road instead.


I’ve just been in and it’s open as usual.


Oh that was quick… popping there now…

They probably just needed to turn it off and on again.


I must be catching up here but… is this the Co-Op that was on the corner opposite the chippy with the street-art-slogan - looks like they moved to the old Maplins site? Or was this another Co-Op that was always there and I just had no idea. Also, is it any good? Would I bother going there instead of Sainsbury’s?

Yes… that’s the one… If Sainsbury’s is nearer for you, keep going there. The CoOp is small (although bigger in it’s new location than the previous one). It’s just very hand for me as it’s 3 minutes walk away. And with my pasty Irish complexion and dislike of humidity, 3 mins to the Co-Op is far preferable than the 10 minutes walk to Sainsburys (and back - with shopping bags).


As good as any Co-op Food can be, which is not very good. Even outside of the early crisis position, their stocking capability can be really bad. I’ve arrived on days finding next to no fresh veg, or meat and poultry, or bread and sometimes all together. Before Which? the consumer magazine removed them from the supermarket category, they were consistently at the bottom of the ratings largely for stock issues.

Their benefit though, as bolgerp notes is convenience and that they offer by way of fresh produce more then your average corner convenience.


I think you both convinced me I’m not missing out, thanks.