Corona Virus - Co-op - Keep Your Distance

In the past few days, I’ve visited Bell Green Sainsburys, Aldi, Lidl and FH Sainsburys, all of which are enforcing crowd control going into the stores and keeping a 2-metre distance between people in the queues outside.

However, there appears to be no such thing in operation at the Co-op. It’s a shame to see.

People keep your distance and protect yourselves. Wear masks and rubber gloves. I already know someone who lost their life to this virus on Monday. Take it seriously and stay safe!


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It looks like people were pushing into the queue mid-way which caused the bunching

Unfortunately I saw one hooded, low hung jeaned youth (yes I will purposely use the title of youth in this instance…to be polite.) just barge past people in the long queue and walk straight in! No one said anything, but I guess because when someone shows such arrogance and mildly threatening behaviour you just have to let it go - save for a peaceful Saturday in this already stressful period.

Luckily most people young and old have been decent enough and abiding with the long queuing and distancing enforced in other shops.


I’m looking forward to some footage of social distancing in queues from India.

I don’t think that is a fair comment it is discriminating to teenagers who are already being stopped and searched every time they leave the house. My son (who yes I will say doesn’t always behave and can be a little shit at times) has been helping me shop for and drop off food etc for vulnerable people during this time. Just because he wears a black tracksuit and yes drops his jeans which I am always pulling up, should not be typecast at this time.

Sorry @ak8 if you were genuine, but this is a really hard time for teenagers that are trying to help and they should not be judged for what they are wearing.

BTW that was not my son.


I was being completely genuine and throughly accurate in my description of this particular person (he looked to be early 20’s rather than a teenager and hence why I purposely used the term youth).
I was not generalising teenagers and judge people more by their behaviour than what they wear. This is why I added an additional comment *luckily most people young and old have been decent enough…


You used the term Youths which is purely pointed at teenagers So if this was someone in their 29’s why are you not not saying an adult in their 20/30’'s and give our kids a chance instead of judging them.

Sorry all I get upset when kids get judged

A 20 yr old is not a teenager

This post has made me cry so I am leaving;

Take care all xx

Imho a youth could possibly be in their 20’s. I really don’t think @ak8 judged kids as a group.

He could similarly have said “a bald, flat cap wearing fifty-something”…


This has pissed me off and many that know me know I help where I can’

My son has helped so many with me through this troubled time and yes in his black tracksuit, why should he be judged by what he wears when he is doing good. Never judge a book by it’s cover;

I won’t be back for a while as this has upset me and “Youths” as some say should be applauded for helping at this time

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You don’t know her, I do. Take care

Hi @Pauline

It’s an emotional time for everyone - maybe best to take a break for tonight but please come back tomorrow or in a few days -your input is always valued as is your community work.

If not see you around at some point in the future, but I really hope to see you back on here soon.

Stay safe and keep up what you are doing.



I went to the Co-Op about 3.30pm this afternoon and there were staff controlling how many were in the store ( 1 out 1 in) and those in the queue were taking it upon themselves to leave a gap of about 6ft behind the person in front, so your experience was not the same all day.

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@DaMo I went to the Co-Op about 3.30pm this afternoon and staff at the shop entrance were controlling how many were allowed in the store ( 1 out 1 in) and all of us in the queue outside were observing an approx 6ft gap behind the person in front, so your experience was not the same all day.

What was stock like?

Good stock of veg, fruit, salad, milk, wine.
Not much meat, cold cuts, cheese, or tinned goods.
Bakery section was fairly limited.
But they did have a couple of packs of loo roll!

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Hi Chris, thats great to hear. Appreciate the update. Stay safe.

No eggs! Everywhere seems to be out of eggs! :slightly_frowning_face: