Could this forum succeed where others failed? [May 2016]


This is the third ‘alternative’ forum to The other two, created by individuals annoyed about how was run, did not last long.

Although this one is technically superiour to any of the others, what makes you think that it will become the main forum for discussion of SE23 issues and wider issues that interest people in the area?

Evidence from other areas (and our own area in the past) shows that two forums trying to do the same job will not succeed in the long term.

Personal introductions

Hi Arthur - perfectly reasonable questions. I have discussed the other “alternative” sites with some locals, and the feeling seemed to be that they failed because they didn’t offer any compelling advantage, and quickly became overrun with spam (including some porn - which sounds a bit suspicious to me). may look simple, but the community management aspects of it are sophisticated. The site grants access to features (including moderation capabilities) automatically as members build their reputation. The flagging features allow spam to be dispatched with minimal effort. And since I’m solvent from my day job, I won’t need to fill with adverts to make money.

This new forum is also real-time updating and mobile friendly - which is important as 75% of our users are on mobile phones and tablets.

I have plenty of experience creating websites with large communities. In my spare time I have built (the web’s liveliest caption competition), (#1 in Google for “atheist quotes”), (local lending) and (for finding bitcoin trading partners in your extended social network).

I love social media (and real-world) marketing, and have a healthy budget to promote the site funded by my career in financial software development.

I’m also sincere about the local community - meeting residents and local traders in person, working with them to shape the forum, and responding quickly to any questions and suggestions.

I will surprise you, I promise.


In reality, any forum will become the success or failure the community wish it to, and the owner and management of the forum allow it to.
Past attempts have indeed seen “bullying” from suspicious places, which was quickly retracted when accusations were made.

I feel the neutral way @chrisbeach is launching this site, and with lots of forethought clearly given to its set up, running and direction. I have every faith that the community needs a voice, and also a friendly place where they can discuss things without selective editing, deleting, and merging of conversations.

The alternative is an old format, dated levels of interaction, limited in set up, and for me SE23 Life is a great breath of fresh air. Mobile view, very controllable, and appealing.

I’m all for people wishing to stick to what they know, but I for one am willing to consider alternatives, and right now, there is a great one on offer.


Hi Arthur

I’d just like to mention here that as far as I know the individuals (and certainly one in particular) that tried this before were not very up on IT. As far as we can all see this is not the case with this one. I believe this will be very successful & will take a forum for SE23 into the 21st century rather than being stuck in a time warp. I for one am very excited about this :+1:


Any local site that I can read on my cheap Android phone is a bonus. I rarely post in the other place these days as the only time I can read it properly is on a desktop.


Im only here because of the slick clean look if i’m honest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You we never my favourite person @MrRobinBankks on another forum! But willing to try again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was OTT and too forthright in the old forum. I’m willing to be a reformed character here :relieved:

Fresh starts are good for everyone.

Regarding our politics - there are currently two @admins here. Me and @thirstforwine. I’m right-leaning and he is left-leaning. Every action we take is logged and visible to one another. So I’m confident that political bias won’t creep into the running of the website.


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Let’s hope. The spam ruined the last effort I saw, while the moderation problems continue to both stifle the original forum, and leave me feeling like I need a wash after visiting it. Good luck Chris.


My hubby created one of the other alternatives because he was over moderated on the main SE23 site - but it didn’t take off. I’m not sure we did a great job of getting word out that it existed and now we’ve moved out of the area and don’t have time to put the effort in - but still have property in HOP so like to keep an eye on things. I really hope this one succeeds - so far so good!

Personal introductions

Just a quick hello to all, and congrats to @chrisbeach for taking this project on. May it succeed where others have not. One of the most useful things about a number of local Facebook groups is the opportunity to get rid of unwanted stuff easily. What are your thoughts about posting for sale or giveaway items?


You’re very welcome to do so, in the wanted/offered category. Non-commercial listings only, please, and just one per day max, to avoid crowding out the other discussions.

Cheers for joining the forum!


I like the clean look of this site and am grateful for the efforts of Chris, anon64893700 and others to bring this into being. I sincerely wish this new forum well. Moderation of forums is not an easy task but I like the “rainbow coalition” of moderators with different views.


Thanks and welcome to the site!


Many thanks for your kind words. I’m happy just to have been invited to play a part in this new venture.
Nice description of the moderation team too :slight_smile:


Pleased we’ve risen to page 2 of a Google search for “se23 forum”

I’m aiming for the first page and have updated my online profiles and other websites to include links to It would be really helpful if you know of local bloggers to encourage them to write a small piece on with a link. I can provide a press release, traffic analytics data showing the growth, and high-res / vector images if required.

Tweets linking to are also really helpful - thanks in particular to @pauline, @anon64893700, @Kate, @StDavid, @thirstforwine and @PeckhamLido for sharing this forum with their followers :blush:


I’m going to be doing my own blog of it soon. Just to add my opinion. Not massive but can’t resist doing one.


The reach of popular Facebook posts is staggering:


Big thumbs up from me on the new forum, just found out about it from Pauline! Nice to see people use technology well, change and progress is a good thing. :+1:
Not sure how I missed it on Facebook though…
Will try to do my bit for promoting it to local friends.