Could this forum succeed where others failed? [May 2016]


Thanks @LiseOfFH - promotion is key at this early stage. Welcome to the forum!


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Great stuff @thirstforwine - your blog must have been really popular when you posted more frequently to it in the past - it has a great Google ranking.

I was looking through the old posts. Is this one (back in 2008!) related to the building work you and @anon64893700 are now posting on


Wasn’t fun I can tell you. I have lots of pictures too lol
That’s brilliant progress on Google.


yes, I guess, though in those days we were all a little less sophisticated about SEO and rankings, (and to be honest didn’t care too much about it)

as for the building work, we’ve been blessed (!) with some terrible developers in this area recently who undermined several decent buildings. It is a shame. I just hope the new buildings being put up last. There are too many examples of shoddy work around here - like the terrible (exterior) state of Glaischer Court - the building on the corner of the South Circular & Hurstbourne Rd.


… but that was yesterday. Today, we’re on PAGE 2 of a search for “se23” Tantalisingly close!

We’re getting there, folks! Thanks to all those who have blogged, tweeted and linked to !


Brockley Central have spotted and raise an interesting question in their blog post “Facebook vs the World”


The biggest advantage I see here to a Facebook group is that an FB group is like a single notice board with lots and lots of notices all pinned on top of each other. Hard to find information that is not very, very recent. The great functionality of this site gives it a huge advantage over FB and over more old-fashioned forum software, in my opinion.


I don’t agree with the thinking of it.
Facebook is not an alternative, nor built for proper discussions. Subjects become fragmented due to the different ways people interact with Facebook. Also the issue of different levels of personal security sometimes impacting the way a “discussion” can appear.

Facebook is great for some aspects of social interactions on a local level, but can be a clumsy, complicated format at times.

It is also difficult to moderate, easy to manipulate, and just not the right place for certain interactions, especially long running issues.

It all comes down to how you want to interact with your users. Fun and friends chit chat, and a little beyond, fine. But that’s about it. (IMO)

Interesting also that it has been noted that a fair chunk of the content is generated by “the mods”, but surely the core of people who start to create a community do just that to make lay the foundations of what is built on it?


My thoughts exactly @RachaelDunlop
Can you even search the contents of a Facebook group? (probably can these days)


I agree, @RachaelDunlop. Also, as I put in my comment on Brockley Central:


Facebook is for photos of kittens! :grinning:


Nicely put @chrisbeach
Facebook is great for some stuff (like kittens as @Londondrz said lol) but for the more compelling discussions, not so great. Besides, FB is seen a “socialising” these days, so actually being encouraged to meet in person regularly is brilliant for the forum.

Forum 1 - Facebook 0


On a serious note, I joined FB to keep up with friends across the world. To start with it was great but it seems to have descended into rants about The Tory Scum/Pharma companies/Memes. I have stopped feeds from a number of friends as a result but have not unfriended them. This is why a forum wins over FB for me.


I just replied to your comment Chris :slight_smile:


Same here. In fact over Xmas and New Years just gone, I deleted everyone from Facebook as I realised a lot of people on there were just “friends” and not actual friends. You can always tell that when you go through a low.
I already know from this forum that I have made some amazing contacts who I will stay in touch with.

I have totally changed the way I use social media now, and most people who I am friends with on Facebook, I don’t follow. My feel is pretty quiet these days.


FB tries to own everything - it can’t and shouldn’t.

I wrote a little about that some time ago (still relevant as blogs remain unloved) but maybe the solution, at least in part, is hyper-local forums instead?!


Today, we’re delighted to welcome to our 300th member, @Stevew :tada:

Thanks for joining, Steve!


It is interesting looking back over a month of this forum. It has proved to be incredibly successful due to an impressive format and good marketing.
Most of my favourite posters on the two local forums are now here, and the quality and quantity of discussion on the other forums has reduced somewhat.

There are a few issues that I would suggest need changing, and I hope to feed them into the development process over time. But I really want to say well done to @chrisbeach for giving us a first rate forum. And thanks to the others for making it a real community administered forum.

We’ve all seen forums come and go in the past. After an incredible month I think it is pretty obvious that this forum is here for the long-run. The question is now over the future of other sites. I had almost written off forums in the age of social media, I’m delighted that this forum has shown that this does not need to be the case and that there is space for a community forum with a range of people with different views discussing local and non-local issues. Although it can be tough when we are asked to consider opposing views, it is what builds a community, not tears it apart.

I’m sure we all now want to see this forum go from strength to strength. And I wish it every success.

Thank you for the gift of :wink: