Could this forum succeed where others failed? [May 2016]


That’s a good domain name but would add £46 per domain to my annual renewal costs - the .life domains (I have a lot of them) already cost me £36/domain/year.

And also I think the .life brand is nice and snappy :slight_smile:


Was suggesting as an extra rather than a change but yes - no point in paying more than you need to!


Alexa measures the popularity of websites and compares them to similar web sites. has edged ahead of BrockleyCentral and other local forums but East Dulwich remains more popular.


Interesting info, thanks.

The East Dulwich Forum has a formidable ranking:


We’re headed in the right direction though:



The “SE23” Google search is looking a lot less confusing now, as the old forum (who altered their site title to match ours) drops down the rankings away from the #1 spot:


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