Council to evict Little Nan's Bar Catford


Apparently, Lewisham Council are evicting Little Nan’s bar from Catford Broadway - and announced it via Twitter before they told the bar!


Very poor treatment of a local business:




Thanks. Also an FAQ:'s-Bar-–-frequently-asked-questions.aspx

To be fair to Lewisham Council I think there is a case for the eviction. I wish they could do more for Little Nan’s though :worried:


But don’t they have like 2 performances a mo th in the theatre?! Surely just say to little nan’s they can’t have music on those occasions. It’s been great to see that beautiful art deco bar being used and enjoyed in a way that makes the most of the decor. I’ve had many a fun night in there to date, i think the council could’ve tried to find solutions to these ‘issues’.


From the Lewisham Council CEO:



There is a whole lot more to this than meets the headlines, certainly one for the ‘I wouldn’t believe everything you read’ pile.


Update from Little Nan