Councillor Nominees for Forest Hill Ward and Perry Vale Ward


London Borough of Lewisham Election of Borough Councillors

The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Borough Councillor for Forest Hill Ward.


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On so far we have:

:information_source: This is a wiki post so please edit if you know of any other candidates with accounts here

Ed Veasey Liberal Democrat.

it doesn’t seem as if any of the Perry Vale nominees are interested in our votes. I haven’t received any communication at all from any of the parties! No wonder so few people bother to vote!

I’ve had a Lib Dem pamphlet through the door. I’m expecting more in the next (and final) week.

We had flyers from Conservatives and Labour.

Has anyone had parties knock to see who you are going to vote for? We used to get quite a few, but haven’t seen any the last few years.

I’ve not. Seen a few pics of candidates on twitter saying they’d been canvassing forest hill. You might think there’s an opening for a proactive candidate!

Labour candidates and activists in Forest Hill have had regular sessions of door knocking for months. For every 10 doors I have knocked on, only one would open.

We (conservative candidates) have also been out and about in Forest Hill! Perhaps we missed you

Received labour leaflet today and usually get Lib Dem leaflets throughout the year, a bit late now for anyone else since postal bite already gone

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