Covid-19 Booster Vaccination

From today you can now book a Covid-19 booster appointment online if it’s been 152 days (5 months) since your 2nd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and you’re in one of the following groups:

Appointment dates will be offered from 182 days (6 months) after the date of your 2nd dose.

You can also use this service if you’re a frontline health and social care worker. You’ll be able to book an appointment for a booster dose if it’s been at least 182 days (6 months) since your 2nd dose of the vaccine.

When I tried about 8.10 this morning I was initially number 273 in a queue with an estimated wait time of 5 minutes but it was actually only seconds before the booking screen appeared and the whole process only took a couple of minutes.


Side question: I had mine a few weeks ago and it’s not showing up in my NHS app Covid certs. Not that anyone’s been asking for proof of more than 2 doses, but has anyone else got a booster event recored showing up in their app?

I got my second vaccination at the weekend and it’s on the app today. States it can take up to 5 days to appear.

I appreciate that was not a booster dose but you would have thought it should update in the same way on the app? Unless you don’t need proof of a booster yet?

When I went to the Jenner Practise last week they had signs up saying they were not showing up in the app, I didn’t read the rest of it as I’ve not had one, but I guess it’s happening to lots of people.


I saw on the BBC News website earlier that Covid-19 booster vaccines are accessible on the NHS Covid Travel Pass from midday today . I’ve just checked my app and my booster which I had on Monday afternoon is shown :grinning: The booster is not currently showing on the Domestic Pass as it is not required to prove you’ve had the booster for any purpose within the UK.


Over 40s can book their boosters today subject to the details below but for 40+ not 50+
Booked my third dose in December.


Is there anywhere in SE23 anyone has got a booster jab?

All the places seem to be pharmacies, so strange none seem to be in SE23 - just wondering if it’s just availability or something else.

…and also will the GP practice contact people to book their booster (I got my first 2 at the local GP)? Last time I booked an appointment for Lewisham hospital I think it was, but then cancelled it and booked into the Jenner Practice a few days later when they sent a text - is this likely to be the same for this (I know Jenner have been doing boosters, but not sure if just for priority groups).

I booked mine at Waldron Health Centre close to New Cross Gate. Hopefully I’ll get a text from the Jenner and get an appointment around the same time, then I can cancel the New Cross appointment.

I first received notification from the NHS and booked at Guys Hospital. I later got a text from Vale Medical Centre to book at Sydenham Green.

Although I had a letter from the NHS and a text from my GP for my original vaccinations I haven’t received anything from either of them about the booster! I just went online and booked as soon as it was announced that you could book appointments up to one month before your eligible date. I chose to go back to Lewisham Hospital vaccination centre where I had both my first and second jabs and was very happy with how well it was managed. Although I’d booked I noticed that they are also doing walk in clinics for the booster on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 5pm. I was in and out in under 40 minutes and that included the mandatory 15 minute wait as I’d had the Pfizer vaccine.

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Heard nothing from my GP but they only opened up booking for my age group yesterday.

Booked online, going to Denmark Hill centre as I have to be at the dentist over that way earlier the same day (I’m clearly a glutton for punishment).


Oh and as if by magic just got my NHS text inviting me to book a booster.

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Following my comment yesterday I’ve now received both an email from the NHS and a text message from ‘NHSvaccine’ this morning advising I’m now able to book the booster and providing the link to do so. As I was eligible to have my booster from November 15th and actually had it on that day it would seem they’re catching up on contacting those eligible without checking records as to whether it’s already be done!

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You can telephone your GP surgery before you receive a letter to make a booking.

Mine have all :syringe: :syringe: :syringe: been at the Conisborough Crescent pharmacy/health centre behind the Co-op diagonally opposite Homebase (Southend Lane). It’s always been the nearest convenient option available when I’ve booked online. I don’t recall ever seeing anywhere in SE23 on offer.

Had my booster and flu jab at the same time at the Jenner a few weeks ago. All fine.

I should have clarified: I booked online and the Jenner wasn’t offered as an option. But my OH booked as a result of getting called by them, so got jabbed at the Jenner. Perhaps that was the case with you?

Yes - I got a text from them and it’s where I’m registered.

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I received a letter from the NHS yesterday saying my booster status wasn’t on my record, so I should go & have it done!
I had it done about about 6 weeks ago, what on earth is going on with their records, :rofl: