COVID-19 Rules are lacking on Public Transport

A friend of mine said they was on way home from Lewisham to Crofton Park.
The 122 Bus driver just let everyone on and didn’t care whatsoever basically the more the merrier. Hardly anyone wearing masks and all seats taken and people of all ages standing everywhere. They had to push to get off the bus the anxiety of this person turned into a panic attack after they got home. I personally haven’t seen them yet to chat properly and I can’t give a cuddle but how shocking and disgusting.
I had this happen to me before a month ago. I did make a complaint but hey it wasn’t taken seriously how lovely. Not all bus drivers are like that they don’t mess about and make it clear and firm without the drama and it’s respected. Sadly stagecoach didn’t seem to care neither did TFL. This spoils it for things and sends out the wrong message. Anyhow I wasn’t expecting royal service about it either I am no Queen a person who cares about my safety and others.
Reason for me speaking up:
Sadly I lost a friend of mine to COVID full of health and joy. His Wife couldn’t even say goodbye alongside Family or Friends it sucks. Then she died of it. No health issues at all either just a great sense of humour. I would love corona to do 1 alongside the bad attitudes happening these days by a majority. I really do praise the NHS for what they do and still do.
I really hope it doesn’t get worse again it’s already been something. Those selfish so and so’s god forbid nothing happens to them and have the cheek to preach.
We ain’t all in this together sadly.
This good person already cares for someone had to go Had no choice but to get bus there and back.
Social distancing is not happening lack of mindful attitudes arising. Shame you can’t say anything either these days without some people getting unnecessary violent or mouthy.
Some of us have already had enough of that crap and would love to zap that negativity away.
Now look…we are heading into Random lockdowns because of this very reason.
Anyhow rant and a Mix of waffle over…
Positive note please Stay stay safe and healthy whatever you do enjoy.


I hope your friend complained to tfl referencing the route and time.


Had a similar experience on a 185 back from Dulwich a few days ago. Stopped for everyone - way over 30 people onboard. Lots of masks worn around chins or not worn at all.

With 70 new cases in Lewisham in the past week it does make me worry :no_mouth:

Please take it seriously folks!


I got the overground yesterday to pop into the office for the first time in 6 months… there were quite a few people not wearing masks & when I came back at 2pm it was quite busy and there were loads of people not wearing masks or wearing them under their chins - I found it all quiet stressful. I was travelling fairly off peak both journeys and I’m really not keen to do it again… Maybe they do need to make on train announcements to remind people - people tended to take them off during their journey.


The van is in for a service and I’ve used the 202 from Lower Sydenham to Crystal Palace to get to work for the last two days and it’s been full on both days.

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Thank you so much for your responses. My friend is ok slightly concerned with good reason about getting something. Staying hopeful the will be ok x I admit I am suffering with stress on this I love the hope people have when out enjoying life. However get so emotional and wound up by narrow minds. This is serious poop and deaths are slowly rising I personally don’t want anyone to suffer such a cruel death anyways let alone to this. I don’t get such blasé behaviour by sum but I suppose silly me there are those sort who just don’t give a crud regardless. You shouldn’t have to feel this people such a weight to carry I hope good comes your ways. :blush:


This has been my daily experience since returning to work at the end of May
at least 20% of passengers not wearing masks at all or wearing them on chin or below their noses.
This has been the case on Overground, Jubilee line and Busses.
I wrote to TFL about it (mainly people being let through gates at underground not wearing masks) and got a platitude response-reassuring me that enforcement was in operation-well I commute 5 days a week into zone 1 using 2 trains each way and Ive seen zero enforcement either on trains or going through the barriers at the stations.
Ditto on local bus routes Zilch, nada.
Its a game of russian roulette on the trains trying to get the carriage where people are wearing masks and hoping at the next stop the unmasked person doesn’t get on and sit beside you.
even worse on the overground the other day the gentleman opposite me WAS wearing a mask correctly then dropped it to his chin to cough several times.
I’m scared now to ask people to wear a damn mask or wear it correctly in case I get hit or abuse.
Its deeply depressing as I have no option but to commute to work-the Canada water interchange Is as mad a scramble as ever with no social distancing on escalators
The Jubilee Line peak trains are almost as full as before often standing room only.
I and many like me do not have the option to WFH so every day we have to risk our health and those of our loved ones because The transport companies do NOT enforce the mandatory wearing of masks.
And there are many people who dont give a damn about others. :rage:


Doesn’t bode well does it.


… and it seems for this unfortunate person, even moving away from someone who is not wearing a mask will end in tears.

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I am looking forward to the bus replacement and train experience today. That or we just drive into London. Hopefully less chance of being beaten up in our car :unamused:


I see TfL’s website leads with “you must wear a mask or face a fine of up to £3200”…
which seems almost laughable since they’re not enforcing in any way. I’m lucky I can work from home, but there is pressure from management that they’d like to see us in the office… But my other half (who is over 50 and has asthma…) has to go back in on Monday and I’m really worried… there does seem to be a negative nudge happening here too - if someone takes their mask off then others do too… I saw people remove them to drink coffee, make a (long) phone call (and then pick their nose), and several people take them off to do their make up… I walked towards the front of the Overground train as I was getting off - a handoff of people hadn’t got one on and nearly half the carriage had them below their chin… there’s definitely a ‘well he’s not wearing one… I’ll take mine off’ going on…


I think to expect the staff to ‘enforce’ mask wearing is maybe asking too much of them given the attitude of a significant minority of the travelling public. They are not police officers and I don’t think think it can be right that they be expected to put themselves in harms way day in day out. In my local co-op the staff just say nothing to anyone because they know what could happen. I think they are right. On minimum wage, it’s just not worth it is it ?

In an ideal world there would be a Britsh Transport Police constable on every bus or train, but we all know that cannot be.

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Perhaps TFL could implement a temporary system on trains whereby one carriage on each train/tube is reserved for people who do not wear masks for medical reasons. In some countries there are women only carriages for example.
People who are not wearing masks because they are lazy/don’t care/don’t like them would hopefully not be so bold as to go into a seperate carriage reserved for people with medical reasons.
No help for buses of course…


I agree. It’s scary when you read cases of people being killed Or beaten up for asking someone to do the right thing.

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I’ve only started using the tube in the last 10 days again, going from here to West London and back once, and to North London twice.

I would echo the lack of mask wearing though it did seem to vary by line and time of day. At the times I travelled teenagers and young adults were by far the predominant non-wearers of masks - I would say around 50% were not wearing masks (so in fairness 50% were). Maybe all the mask wearers had medical reasons they could not wear them, but it seemed unlikely.

Someone on on train I think must have taken a photo of some not wearing masks, as they then started saying take a photo of that person, they took a photo of us - I was waiting for it to kick-off but thankfully they got off the train.

I don’t agree with the above - station staff can ask people to wear masks, they can’t enforce it, that I accept, but they can ask. I do agree however that they need more support. Ultimately this need to be policed like they did in Spain etc but it won’t be and we will just go and pick on some random people walking in miles of wilderness somewhere in the countryside.

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Spain has the Guarda Seville, we don’t sadly.

They could do some persistent announcements on trains and stations though… I don’t think we glowering at the woman opposite when she removed hers was enough!

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On our flight last month many, many announcements were made. Some people still ignored them. Request from cabin crew also fell on deaf ears

Proving the point of a friend of mine who says #Some people are just a bit sh!t.


Sadly yes - I was on a flight last month. The cabin crew asked a woman a few rows ahead of me to put her mask on properly (it was being worn beard-style) before we took off. They asked again during the drinks (she wasn’t) and clean up service and then on the landing checks. When she got up to get her case down, it wasn’t on although she pulled it up to go down the aisle. I passed her in the terminal and sure enough it was off again. The mind boggles.

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Tfl staff aren’t allowed to confront fare evaders let alone enforce the mask thing which is even harder.

If the virus was genuinely a threat you would not step foot on public transport. The masks scientifically only have a very small benefit. But I understand why non-compliance can make people anxious. But the point I’m trying to make is you shouldn’t feel that way because there’s no real reason to.

But don’t take my word for it. Do your own research or read one of the scientific papers on mask wesring and see how poor and irrelevant they are to a real life scenario. A high school knowledge of the scientific method will allow you to see how flawed they all are.