Covid 19 tests locally

A family member returning abroad needs to get a supervised Covid 19 lateral flow test before travel. Are there any places locally?

I gather some Boots do them, but the online process requires you to pay beford they advise you of times and locations. Does anyone know if Boots on Dartmouth Road offer this?

Boots on Dartmouth Road does not offer this - you need to reserve via their website, and there are lots of their branches that do offer the service; from memory, Waterloo and Stratford were the closest. We will need to do this in a couple of weeks’ time, and the closest service I could find was Lloyds Pharmacy on North Cross Road in East Dulwich, which you may or may not think is more convenient than travelling farther afield.

Thanks Jon. The issue I’m having with the Boots website is that you have to pay for the test before you see locations and dates. And there are no refunds. I’ll check out Lloyds.

Edit. Earliest appointment at Lloyds is April 1st. The one in Bell Green is June!

I was trying to help a friend yesterday who needs to get a supervised lateral flow test done on Friday before he flies back home to the States on Saturday and I checked the Boots website too. The link to the branches that are doing it is just before the FAQ’s towards the end

Forest Hill isn’t listed. The nearest would be Bromley or Croydon or one of the central London ones!

Lewis Grove Pharmacy in Lewisham I think offer this service.

That’s weird - when we did it a few weeks ago, it was definitely possible to see where appointments were available and when, on the Boots website. Maybe they’ve changed it subsequently, but that would definitely not count as any sort of upgrade…!

I’ve had a fit2fly next day PCR at the Perry Vale Dental Practice which was fine: Covid RT-PCR Test – Perry Vale Dental Practice

I’ve also used ExpressTest in Croydon Centrale a number of times for various tests. It’s a short walk from West Croydon Overground station.

I think I’ll refer them to the Randox by Waterloo station. It’s the one I’ve been using for PCRs and they’re really good. Shame we have nothing closer.

I’ve used Perry Vale Dental for PCRs too. But they don’t offer LFTs. :frowning: The Croydon place would be easier, but crikey! They’re almost twice as much as most others.

Have you checked with touchwood pharmacy in Sydenham. There were doing both PCR and LFT testing last time I was there PCR Test | Fit to Fly PCR Test - Touchwood Pharmacy

the other option is to do one supervised by a ‘telehealth’ person. (£29 inc the ‘telehealth consultation’)

Didn’t know about that one. They do have availability. Thanks.

Unfortunately in this case the test has to be given by a ‘professional’.

The Perry Vale dentist one no longer comply to rules of certain countries. We used them a year ago and it was fine. We used them again in February and they no longer comply. To our expense we only realised when we received the results a day before we flew and we had to fork out another £200 each to do a rapid PCR test at another company. I recommend that you double check the current requirement s before booking the test

We used Touchwood pharmacy in Sydenham (opposite the Greyhound) a couple of weeks ago. £40 for a LFT and it was all very efficient.

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