Covid-19 Vaccination available for 25 and over

Just thought I’d update this. I had some mild side issues, same as my brother, which for me were a fever later in the day Friday and through the night and then very tired the next day with some fever on and off Saturday but all back to normal Sunday. I don’t want to put anyone off, but additionally you might want to book it the day after you are doing something important as opposed to the day before, or on a Friday to have the weekend to recover (of course you may have no side issues like many).

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So I had AZ yesterday afternoon. By late Saturday evening I felt tired and a bit nauseous. Bit of a rough night - headache, aching legs and back, woke at 2am absolutely freezing cold and then again at 4am feverish and drenched in sweat.

Beginning to feel a bit better now but suspect it will have to be a very easy day today.

I had the AstraZeneca vaccination, but felt nothing afterwards.
My neighbour, who is younger and much fitter than I am, felt terrible after his vaccination. It seems that age helps with the vaccine, but not with the virus!
I advise everyone to plan for at least one easy day when you are vaccinated.

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My vaccination left me feeling a bit run down for a day or two, but I was able to carry on with most things, have a few paracetamol and an early night. My partner was virtually out of action for a day, and then fine.

I now have great wifi connection to any device in Forest Hill and can instantly connect to my toaster and yours to understand their feelings. I’ve also been fighting an overwhelming desire to vote for Bill Gates in the forthcoming elections and upgrade to IE6.

It is wonderful to see the impact of the vaccine (and lockdown) on the death rate and the R rate.


I feel ok now but still pretty tired and getting odd waves of chills and fever, the headache and muscle ache has passed.

I’ve had both Astra Zeneca jabs now. No side effects so far (am I tempting fate?) My husband same result with Pfizer.

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Odd isn’t it? Younger people definitely seem to get it worse. Fine today but I still feel a little tired.

Updated the title to reflect this morning’s news that 44 year olds are now eligible - and that all over 40s should be in the running later in the week.

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Great news. I think I spoke a little too soon on being fine, I am struggling a bit at work today.

Has anyone had any luck turning up at any Lewisham vaccination site/centre without an appointment, at the end of the day in case of any “left over” doses from possible no shows?
I’m asking, as a number of friends in neighbouring boroughs have been vaccinated this way and commented on how there were no queues or waiting time.

Am aware there was a no apt needed walk in clinic at Lewisham shopping centre last Fri & Sat but only found out about it yesterday. Hopefully there will be another this week?

Funny you should say that. I thought I felt fine after mine but retrospectively realised that I had very little get up and go for the 3 days afterwards…

@Emak5 I’ve seen @NHSSELondonCCG on Twitter posting where they have walk-in clinics available - although I think you still have to meet the general requirements to use them. I do know a few people who got vaccinated at the end of the day but definitely more luck than not there. Once my ‘age’ came up, I was able to book an appointment within 36 hours if that’s any comfort.


Opening to 42 year olds today apparently.

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It is indeed open to over 42’s today. Updated thread title for accuracy.


Has anyone had any luck booking this week? I’ve tried a few times but only get offered appointments in Bromley. I thought there were local places offering it, so I have been holding out.

Bromley is pretty local though? I went to Oval.

If you keep trying it will offer you different venues near your postcode.

I guess it’s relative, but I know of two places within walking distance which were offering it. It’s not that I won’t go to Bromley etc, I’m just wondering if hit refresh enough / at the right time will I be offered an appointment somewhere I can walk to.

I’ve just had my second jab at Sydenham Green. It was empty - from arriving to leaving in less than 5 minutes.
The guy doing the marshalling looked through his lists and said that, in his opinion, there were too many people giving jabs today compared to the number who had signed up for it.