COVID 19 - We need your help

Dear SE23,
I hope you are keeping well. I am a resident of Forest Hill for the last 5 years and
I wanted to be in touch about an initiative I’m working on called SpareHand, which we’ve launched to help charities and community organisations respond to the COVID-19 crisis. SpareHand is a non-profit initiative that uses a sophisticated algorithm to match volunteers to tasks that community groups are organising in the local area.
We’re launching the platform fully this week, after successfully testing it over the last few weeks. We have 20 community organisations signed up, and some 700 volunteers on board. So far SpareHand volunteers have prepped and delivered over 27,000 meals in London and the South-East.
We’re at the point where we need to bring on new volunteers to fulfil the ever-increasing number of tasks we have (300 shifts per week and counting…), as well as finding more community organisations that would benefit from SpareHand’s app in order to manage and schedule their volunteers more efficiently. The service is completely free.

Would you help us to spread the word to recruit more volunteers? We need people in SE london desperately!
Thanks so much for your time.
Best wishes,
Jody xx

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