Crime rate in Cranston Road area?



Dear all,
Can anyone share whether the crime rate on Cranston Road and the surroundings Road in Forest Hill are cause for concern. Would very much appreciate honest feedback to make our decision whether we should buy a on Cranston Road.

Thank you.


I live three roads away from Cranston Road. I don’t think that crime is a concern in my road.
However, I would suggest that you secure your property.

I sometimes come home very late and do not encounter any problems.


Some of my friends recommended this site to me when I was thinking of moving


We live a few roads over as well and feel very safe in our neighbourhood at all times of the day or night.


Hi Sherwood,

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Hi starman,

Thank you for your email regarding my post, and your quick response and information regarding my concern very helpful indeed.

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Hi NorthernMatt,

Thank you for your email and your speedy response, and recommend website, it’s very much appreciated.
Thank you to you and everyone that as taken the time to respond back to my post so very quickly.

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I don’t live in or near Cranston Road but, to be honest, I have a bad impression of that small part of SE23 from this website - if you search this site you will see that a disproportionate amount of crime posts seem to be around there (e.g. Shipman Road and Colfe Road). Although, to be fair, this website doesn’t contain a scientific survey of crime in SE23, and it could just be that a disproportionate number of posters in this forum live in that part of Forest Hill.


Try this:


I think the Shipman Road crime may be incidents in the alley linking to Sunderland Road. I have lived in this area all my life and the crime level is very low.


All areas seem to go through a phase of crimes being committed. Obviously some areas are notorious, but I’ve always found Forest Hill/Honor Oak pretty good.


I live on Shipman Rd, and haven’t had any real trouble - garden shed broken into twice but nothing stolen. The Sunderland Rd-Trilby Rd cut-through can feel a little dodgy at night but to be honest I’ve never encountered anything.