Crofton Park Conservative Candidate suspended

@Michael Anti-Semitism means hostility toward Jewish people.

This, as Karen points out, is anti-semitism:

Criticising a system of ideas (which is what Karen did) is not the same as abusing people. As we know, Islam is not a race. It is a set of ideas.

We should all be allowed to freely criticise ideas. In doing so we sometimes help the people that formerly believed those ideas.

Criticising homophobia, for example, might offend a lot of homophobes. But I’d say it’s the right thing to do - ultimately for the sake of both us, and homophobes themselves.

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I agree - you make an important distinction between attacking people and ideas - not that any attack on ideas is very sensible.

I’m sure others would find grounds to defend Marc Wadsworth but I’m not getting involved in that issue now.

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