Crooks cash in on fake stamps

Crooks are cashing in by selling fake postage stamps in the Catford area. Local business Rowlands Opticians found out, to their dismay, that they had purchased the fake stamps after visiting the local post office.

The Manager of Rowlands Opticians reported the fakes to Royal Mail. Royal Mail admitted there was a problem and said they are clamping down on the trade and will investigate any cases reported to them. It’s understood that Trading Standards officers are also aware of fakes in circulation and are in dialogue with Royal Mail.

Royal mail said today that Letters with fake or reused stamps will not be delivered and will be held by Royal Mail until the receiver pays £2.00 to collect it. Even apparently unmarked stamps are detected by technology which can spot those which have been through the postal system twice.

In the meantime, consumers – in particular recipients of letters with used or counterfeit stamps – are left to pay the price. Rowlands Opticians are giving every customer affected by this issue a free eyetest and 20% off purchases as a goodwill gesture. For the inconvenience caused and reimbursing the affected patients with any charge levied by the post office.