Crowdfund Recommendations

Does anyone have a recommendation of a crowdfunding site that would be suitable for a school to use? I am in desperate need to try and raise funds for headphones for my school. To enable the children to use an online reading program, that really requires headphones so they can hear what’s being asked of them. For decent ones you’re looking at about £295 for 30 and I need about 75-100 so they can be distributed to all the classes.
I have written to Santa via twitter but my age may be against me. :slight_smile: I did get a reply to try and crowdfund.
Hence me asking peeps on se23life who may have some knowledge of crowdfunders.

Hi there, I would really recommend rocket fund. They are set up for this purpose and it’s very easy to set up. I use to work with the founder. Have a look:

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Thank you will have a look.