Crowdfunder for our library


Please give what you can!

And please spread the word on all your social media.

We are

@LibrarySE23 on Twitter
Forest Hill Library on Facebook is our website

Spread the word please far and wide!

And give what you can to our crowdfunder, massive thanks in advance :two_hearts: welcomes our 1000th member 🎉

We’re off to a good start £216 has been pledged so far with the limited edition prints being the most popular and the coffee lovers Christmas pack from @TheArchieParker a close second!

Thanks to anyone that has pledged so far. @ChrisBeach thanks for donating :+1:

There’s so many different rewards you can pledge for, aswell as the ones mentioned above there’s also

Tickets to our Christmas party at the library & Louise House, with a stand-up buffet, champagne reception, live music, gin bar, and auction of some fantastic items from the worlds of literature, art, food and sport, hosted by toastmaster James Hasler.

One to one photograph tuition with @JohnRussell

Sugar Mountain as a kids party venue

And so much more!

I reckon the limited edition print will go quite quick, so if anyone wants one get in quick & if you don’t want to miss THE Forest Hill party of the year get in quick for the tickets too, all you have to pledge for these is £25 per person & only £85 for 4!

Remember all proceeds are going into our library, so please give if you can :slight_smile:


We’ve now raised £421 so far :+1:

And the first pledge has been made for a signed photo of our lovely Poppy :slight_smile:

We need to hit our £6000 target so please give if you can :+1:


The amazing @BMSE23 has pledged £1000 taking us past the 25% mark!

Thank you so so much Ben xx

Next time you pop in it’s a sweetie cone on me for both your kids & Zoe said it’s a free coffee on her next time you pop into @TheArchieParker

Sorry you will get the biggest hug ever from me too even though you made me cry during the food assembly tonight when I saw this & in front of our area manager who came to visit us for the first time! - She’s localish (Peckham) which is why I was telling her about the crowdfunder & showing her but because she saw how passionate I was about this she’s now gonna pledge too :+1::+1:

We all really appreciate this Ben @V22_Louise_House @Michael @JohnRussell @Simon


I wanted to pledge - but I didn’t particularily want any of the gifts … so I didn’t pledge anything !

so 1) Can I pledge just $$ ? 2) Having to choose a gift is a difficult task and some people might drop off (like I did!)

BTW - where else are you getting money — surely £6k won’t go far ?


Hi, yes there is the £5 to pledge, and you get nothing for that at all! It is just for donations. Or there is the option of joining the Friends Scheme - that costs £30 but gets you discount on lots of shops in Forest Hill.

We are also having a Christmas Party where we will be running an auction of various items, so more money will be raised on the night and from bids placed in advance on a wide range of items.

To answer your other point about funding, the unused rooms upstairs in the library are being let out to generate ongoing income, plus we can apply for grants and funding from various organisations, but in the current climate there are lots of people chasing grant money, and libraries are often excluded from applying, so things like the Friends scheme and the crowd funder are very important, and all donations are very welcome.


Jonah you can pledge any amount that is not a reward or just comment you don’t want a gift in the comment section.

Once we are up and running we can generate the running costs - this is for us to pay for all sorts of things we need to pay for or fix straight away like there is no baby changing facilities in the toilet & we need to get insurance, pay for licences and the list goes on…

Thanks P & see you and the family soon xx


@weepy thanks for your support. you can become a Friend of Forest Hill library for £30 at alternatively I’m sure we can find a way for you to donate other sums. @Simon and @Pauline are the experts on the finances, not me.

but i can tell you about a couple of other sources of funding. most importantly we will be renting out space on the upper floors for studio and office space. we already have a waiting list but will be giving priority to local people.

We also have £5k from the Forest Hill ward assembly, which will be focused on children’s literacy.

But we have great ambitions for this library and we hope that with the generosity of the local community our ambitions will be achieved - and then we will aim even higher!


And the answer to the question: “How many Library Guardians does it take to answer a question?” is: Three.

I’m so glad we all said more or less the same thing, or that would have been embarrassing.


YES we will aim much higher :sparkling_heart:


We have now hit £1803 so almost a third of the way!

Massive thanks to all that have pledged, but we need more to pledge if they can.

We want to make our library amazing & you can help us do this :slight_smile:

The support we have had from SE23.Life members has been awesome in so many ways & we appreciate it so much.

If anyone wants to donate extra they can do this via joining our “Friends of FH Library” & choosing to donate anything extra they want too when joining.

@Michael has posted the link above :slight_smile:

Or you can find it via our website

Sorry if our posts clashed last night, I think myself @Michael & @Simon all replyied at the same time to Jonah’s @weepy post last night.

Hopefully that gives all confidence that we are all on the case & listening to everyone anytime between us.


£1858 :tada::tada::tada:


Thanks for pledging Jonah :+1:


YAY We are almost a third of the way!


We’ve had no pledges today and are stuck on £1897.

Please pledge if you can :slight_smile:


I’ve got a flank wall near the library opposite the pools at 95 Dartmouth Road where there were 2 large billboard posters and I’d be happy for a temporary banner to be put up if it helps getting the word out about this fundraiser.


Thank you Mr, you are amazing as always xx

I’ll bring this up at our meeting tomorrow evening & I’m sure we can russle something up between us!

Thank you :kissing_heart:


Do either the crowd-fundraiser or the “friend of FHL” arrangement qualify for Gift Aid?


Thats a question for Simon as he’s the one doing the social media & website @Simon do we have #GiftAid on any of these.

Andy I’m zilch when it comes to anything IT related as it’s not my bag at all :slight_smile:


Hi Andy,

Sorry to say not, we are in the process of applying for charitable status, but it is a long road and at the moment the Charities commission are swamped. No charitable status = no gift aid.

This is another reason why we need to raise funds, unless you are a charity you have to pay business rates, so we’ll actually have to pay the council, just so that we can run their library service for them.