Crystal Palace Firework display

What a horrible experience. So glad no one was hurt. Still, very stressful.

I’ve just looked on the CP Fireworks website and it looks like their application for the fireworks display has been rejected for the first time in 14 years. I wonder if it’s because of the behaviour of these kids? Such a shame when a few ruin it for the many :confused:

Here’s the link -


Pretty sure the fireworks are still on (at least I hope so, I have tickets) - it’s just being run by a different events company this year


There’s still going to fireworks, but I think it’s being run by the same people who do the Ally Pally ones instead…

Of course, it’s more expensive :roll_eyes:


For a family of 4, I actually paid slightly less this year than the last time we went back in 2017. £22.30 vs £26.50

(probably starting to get a bit off topic now)

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Aha, good to hear. My daughter gets a bit freaked out by the noise, so we don’t go. But still enjoy watching from the inside :blush:

We’ve not been for a couple of years as the display was such a short, damp squib the last time we went. Also there was a whole hoard of children with laser pens shining them on people’s faces. Their parents thought it hilarious. One attendee asked where they’d bought them, as his son wanted one.

Hopefully the new organizers will put more effort into the display and laser pens might have gone out of fashion.

That said, The Notting Hill carnival has a massive police preset and there are still issues.

4 Likes There is nothing on Bromley website, but it is the weekend.

I think we need to get some clarity as to whether the display is on or off.

It would be a great shame if some mindless hooligans spoilt the event which brings money into local charities.


It would appear that the latest organisers of the Crystal Palace fireworks display do not raise money for local charities.

who is the latest organiser?

Your link shows a page run by Slammin’ Events

The ‘cancellation’ notice i saw yesterday (first posted on twitter at7:11pm) was posted by CSS events

This is so weird… Perhaps a case of Bromley changing event organiser and the old event organiser airing their sour grapes through a short notice cancellation post? Could Bromley have actually changed organiser with 8 days notice?

I apologise for giving more air to what seems to be disinformation

Bromley Council say it is organised by slammin events, link from this page:

Or from the event page itself:

Seems well organised - I hope it goes well and all enjoy the firework show !

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Looking at the Council website, it looks like the new fireworks guys have been planned all year, so weird how the previous guys just decided to announce it now days before the new guys get their chance to put on their show.

St Christophers Hospice are also in partnership of the event looking at their website. Went to the fireworks in previous years and St Christophers just had a couple of buckets for collections. Looks like poor form for them to mislead people to say there’s no fireworks or that charities are being let down when there looks to be more support this year for charitable causes.

Previous fireworks were decent though, but just fireworks and nothing else. The new event looks impressive, but let’s find out this Saturday!


Hold the front door! The previous guys say they’ve been organising the event for 14 years, but now I can see it’s just been 4-5 years:

I know some organisers stretch the truth, but come on… They’ve just trebbled it! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Unable to find anything on current organisers website that any money in donated to any charity let alone St Christophers,happy to be corrected.

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See their post on October 24th that references it.

You going?

It’s not clear if the previous organiser used to make a financial donation to St Christopher’s, but it sounds (by omission) like the new one does not but there will be collectors from St Christopher’s present at the display.