Curtains, lampshade, pillowcases for sale

I have the following available, for collection from Dacres Road. Happy to provide more photos.

  1. Pair of ochre curtains with tiebacks, 46x90, £15
    Used for about six months, but they weren’t actually the correct size for my windows, so have now been replaced.

  2. Pair of aubergine curtains, 45x54, £10
    Used only briefly - I meant to return them and never did. Lovely pattern (you can’t really see it in the linked picture, but I can provide more photos if desired).

  3. Pink and white striped lampshade, 25cm, £5
    Still in its packaging.

  4. Pair of Dusk grey herringbone Oxford pillowcases, £10
    Brand new, still in their packaging.

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Please could you post a photo of the items?
Thanks x

Sure! Is there something in particular you want to see that’s not shown in the links provided?

Aubergine curtains now gone, but the rest still available.

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Sorry, my fault - hadn’t seen the links first time around. Was interested in the ochre curtains but unfortunately they won’t work after all.
Thank you x

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Ok, no problem at all!

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