CV writer needed


I recently used an online CV writing service and they did a very poor job. Despite having lots of relevant experience, I am not even getting interviews for jobs I am more than qualifed for, so I’m interested in finding someone local who can help polish-up/redo my CV fairly urgently before I miss any more good opportunities. Quite happy to pay for the service (again), but based on experience, I would prefer to have a face-to-face consultation as part of the service (hence the request for someone local).

If anyone is able to help with this or knows anyone interested, please let me know.


I hope you find someone to help. The advice I always give to people is to tweak your CV to cover the essential criteria of the job specification. As someone who has hired people in the past, I want to look at a CV and immediately know they can do what the job requires.

Apologies if you already knew this!


Send a DM with your current CV and a job spec you would be interested in, happy to give quick fire advice whilst you find someone.


What area do you work in, or wish to work in?

I ask because I might be able to provide some useful comments, but only in fields I’ve previously hired in where I’ve sifted CVs and been hiring.


Hi all, I’m not really after someone to go over my current CV as I’ve had a fair amount of feedback already, but thanks for the offers.

What I’m really looking for is someone who will accept payment in exchange for services rendered as the last lot who did, CV People, were awful.

Even willing to take a recommendation at this stage if no-one in Forest Hill is available…

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