Dacres Road assault



Fair play to your friend for jumping in.

It’s a terrible state of affairs when people are being mentally and physically scarred for life by others who’ve [presumably] got serious mental health issues and who should not be allowed anywhere near a public place.
I’ve seen TV programs where the police are powerless to keep these unwell people off the streets and it’s left to the mercy of the good old ‘care-in-the-community’.

What a mess!


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Any update here please on whether the police have intervened in this case?


They’re chasing up some CCTV to see if they can spot anything, but that’s it so far.


Never mind paging @sgtbiddle. Isn’t this a case worthy of calling 101?



I’m sorry to hear this and hope you and others who’ve been involved are ok. But assault is a crime (stating the obvious, I know), and i’m shocked that the police didn’t fully investigate. Obviously the more violent, the more serious, but that doesn’t mean what happened to you wasn’t serious and upsetting. And from a practical perspective, if they’d followed up your incident a bit more, and assuming all these incidents are related, some of the others could potentially have been prevented.

I’ve got used to the fact that the police don’t treat burglary that seriously round here, but the fact they are now only treating assault seriously if it’s particularly violent is pretty poor.

I hope you are ok.


I think it’s a tough one for them to investigate- without a picture or cctv, it’ll be pretty hard for them to track this guy down.


Police were given several leads. The clear up rate is dismal.


As the person who was assaulted, I’m more aware than most about the leads the police were given, The delay in this actually comes from Lewisham Homes, who have been dragging their feet in handing over CCTV which potentially shows the perpetrator. That’s the only real lead they’ve got to go on in my case.


In case anyone’s interested, the case has been closed. The CCTV system was broken or switched off at the only place we had hoped to get some footage.


Gutted for you.


That’s really not good enough is it, but what can you do, unless he strikes again.


Thanks for keeping us posted.
Really sorry that there hasn’t been any consolation for you though.


It’s unsatisfactory. Thanks for letting us know.


Shocking statistic in this article on the latest crime figures - less than one in ten crimes reported results in someone being charged: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44884113?app=news.uk.story.44884113.page