Dacres Road assault



Quick warning - I was assaulted this morning on Dacres Road, not too far from the Dietrich Bonhoffer church.
At about 07;00 a man hit me out of the blue, with no warning or provocation. He knocked me over and kicked me a few times, knocking me back down when I got back up and continuing to punch me. He didn’t try to take anything, and, fortunately, he didn’t cause any real harm.
He was in his mid to late 20s, slim, about 5’10", black, clean shaven (I think, though he’d knocked my glasses off before I got chance to take a proper look at his face), wearing a red furtrapper hat, and a blue jacket.
I got away thanks to a passing motorist stopping and allowing me to get her car between me and the attacker. I didn’t get her name or number , but I’m hugely grateful to her.
I drove around with the police for a bit, but we didn’t spot him - so be careful out there!

Police helicopter

Truly harrowing. Very sorry to hear this - I hope the thug is found soon, and I have shared on our social media in the hope that someone has spotted him.


Very sorry to hear about this but glad you shared It. How are you dealing with it? Have you taken the day off? Perhaps you’ll need a lot more time. Is anyone with you? I understand if you do not want to respond further on a public forum but PM me if there is any support you would like.

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I’m really sorry to hear of your attack and I hope you’re recovering. I was assaulted on 12th May at around 1700 hrs by someone of the same description on the corner of Dartmouth Rd and Clyde Vale. Police didn’t really investigate as it was far less violent, although I’m sure they could have checked CCTV of the local newsagents around this time as he had a carrier bag similar to those they give out.

Do drop me a line if you want more info to give to the police you’re dealing with. It certainly sounds like the same person.



I don’t know if you’re male or female but I want to give you a hug.
I hope you’re okay - and you can get over it soon.


Hi Sarah
If he’s done it to you, but not as violently, it sounds like he may be getting worse, which really makes me worry for his next victim. COuld you send me any more details you’ve got - as well as a crime reference number, and I’ll pass it on to the police?



I saw a man fitting that description heading down Perry Vale an hour ago. He seemed mentally ill.


Paging @SgtBiddle :police_car:


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve just spoken to the police again to let them know. As they haven’t generated a crime reference number as yet, they’ve simply added that info to the log of my initial 999 call.


Sounds a lot like the guy I saw cycling slowly up Perry Vale at around 9.30 this morning. Clearly a local.



This from one of the local family groups on Facebook sounds as though it is related to the other incidents mentioned above. I hope the police are exerting immense effort to catch this guy…


@jonfrewin What’s the date and time of that post?


I -think- it’s from this morning


It was today nine hours ago, it was a friend who posted it.


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Feel free to put him or her in touch with me - we might be able to see if it was the same person who attacked me yesterday.


Maybe jumping to the wrong conclusions here - this guy sounds similar to the guy the police tasered in Baxter’s field (i responded to a post on here about that). I thought that guy was perhaps shorter but the crazed look and the knife MO are very similar. If there’s no connection then fine but worth the police cross checking I would say.




I have sent him a link from the forum page and said you would like to get in touch. It’s a scary thought that somebody this dangerous is walking the streets around here.