Damaged motorbike

Hi, I woke up this morning to find my motorbike knocked over and damaged on Sunderland road where it meets the south circular and was wondering if anyone witnessed this? Would have happened around 9pm yesterday to 7:30am this morning.

I had planned to use it to avoid public transport, so that I could spend Christmas day with my elderly parents, but looks like i’ll be spending it alone this year. But hey at least the person in question managed to squeeze into the tiny gap and not walk that extra min to their front door.

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What was broken? Might be worth giving Bravos a call and see if they can help you out.


At first glance the indicator, exhaust and foot rest is bent, dented and scratched but the throttle cable and rear break lever are both loose which is more of a concern. Unfortunately with one day to go it’s unlikely they could sort those in time. What’s more annoying is the person i believe did it, has ignored my note to discuss the damage.

That’s a rotten shame. Bikes are so heavy if they get shoved over like this, I know the sort of damage that can be caused and how upsetting it is. Someone stole and torched by brother’s bike when he was young and had spent months restoring it. I’m so sorry this has happened to you and so close to Christmas too.

Could it be in range of anyone’s CCTV? Either in a house or a dashcam? Some dashcams operate when cars are parked up and may just have caught it.

Did it have a full tank? When I was into motorbikes I had a road-legal motorcross bike and a common problem was that when I left it outside the block with a full tank it was prone to being blown over in heavy wind due to it’s profile compared to a more squat road bike.

I would honetsly give Bravos a call - They might be able to do a quick fix - the main thing is that nothing has snapped like the gear or brake levers. It should not take long to sort out the throttle cable and rear brake lever. The foot rest might be able to be bent back if put in a work bench. Nothing that you described would mean that they couldn’t sort you in 10-20 mins. The scratches you cant do anything about but I am sure you can get back on the road.

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I’d 2nd giving them a call. They are a friendly bunch.

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I had this thought too and I did post a few notes in the houses closes to the spot but not had any luck as yet.

No it only had a quarter of a tank and was fairly well anchored to a post with a chain. I’ve had motorbikes get blown over before due to the wind catching the cover but there was no wind that night and the car in question would have blocked any had there been.

Yeah i’ve been to those guys before and you’re probably right, annoyingly i’ve only just got it running again and bought a new cover too. I had hoped to sell it in the new year but now i’ve got to pay out to get it fixed because of one selfish individual.