Damp surveyor / professional needed


I’m looking for a damp proofing specialist to survey an issue i have.

Preferably independent and at a reasonable cost.

I have found a number of larger companies who offer a free survey but have read that these are often incorrect and can involve unnecessary remedial works.

Any contacts appreciated!


Hi Dan, we used www.jwsurveys.com to carry out a damp survey on a property we were interested in buying. We found them to be reasonably priced and were happy with the quality of the end report.

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We have used Ward, big company but we have had no issues. They surveyed and retanked our basement.

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Sadly no local recommendations.

I would recommend that you avoid the free survey and engage with a professional whose main business is the survey only. Both Which? and Moneysavingexpert have warned readers away from the big firms that do both surveys and then the work themselves. They’ve had indications that many companies use the free survey to attract clients and then overegg the level of work which may be required in order to gain the business.

@starman … after reading similar articles this is exactly what i wanted to avoid. I’m looking for someone trustworthy and relatively local who can diagnose the issue. I have a good idea of what it could be but need reassurance from an experienced professional.

Hopefully someone who specialises in surveying will give a more honest opinion of the situation.

No worries if there is not someone local, thought it would be worth asking here and appreciate everyone’s feedback!

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'Duh. You said as much in your original post too. Sorry for stating the obvious.