Dangerous driver doing donuts Perry Vale

I have seen on three occasions already a large black Mercedes do ‘donut’ wheel spins around the roundabout at Perry Vale / Perry Rise. The last time the car spun 3-4 times around the roundabout in broad daylight with cars and pedestrians (one with a baby buggy) waiting on all sides. Unfortunately I haven’t been quick enough to get a photo or video to pass to the police, so if anyone spots this again please try! It is ridiculously dangerous and scares me to think what could happen if the car span off the roundabout. Many thanks


Take the reg and ring 101.


Might be worth seeing if there is any CCTV around. If you report it and know the precise time the police might get lucky.

Might be shop CCTV or maybe someone’s door security - lots of people tend to have these door ones now which could have caught something.

Sadly I’m not sure it’s going to be top of the pile for I investigations but who knows


I saw this car doing this yesterday eve in Sainsbury’s car park. Sainsbury’s was open at the time and the car park active, although empty at the outer parts. It came into the car park and had two sessions and then drove out the other side by the garage. The rubber smoke came rigjt over to the bus stops. It came back round the gyratory and headed up Perry Hill towards Catford. Wasn’t able to get the reg, but was being driven by a white male, about 30 years of age. Large saloon merc, with a very throaty exhaust. There is a CCTV camera on Bell Green (the road that passes between Sports Direct on one side and those green abomination flats on the other).


Yes will try to get reg thanks

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Yes that sounds like exactly the same car. It was headed in Sainsbury’s direction last time I saw it.
Will see if can catch it next time as imagine it is probably near impossible to get cctv from Sainsbury’s or the lewisham street cameras.
A neighbour told me they saw the vehicle doing donuts at the other roundabout on Perry Vale, corner of Mayow Rd… seems to be a regular thing unfortunately.