Dangerous driving on Dartmouth Road

Morning Everyone,

Hope you’re well.

This is my first post on SE23 Life, as yesterday I saw something that made me so angry I feel I just have to say something and see if other people feel the same.

Some of the driving I’ve seen along Dartmouth Road is really quite shocking. Yesterday evening I witnessed a car heading South just passing the leisure centre, I would say doing between 20 and 25 MPH, and yet another car overtaking it at I estimate around 50ish! A taxi coming the other way had to hit the breaks hard and serve up against the pavement to avoid a collision. How there wasn’t a crash I do not know! What angered me more is that the driver and passenger in the overtaking car were laughing.

Other things I’ve witnessed are two white Audi TTs racing, motor bikes doing weelies, mopeds racing, and even buses speeding!

I’m not part of the anti-speed lobby. I’m a sports car owner and I go to race days. I understand the trill of speed, but there’s a time and a place. It belongs on the track and not a busy 20 MPH high street.

I often spend time on Dartmouth Road with my two children and nephew (9, 4 and 3 years old), because there’s some great shops and facilities now. The swimming pool, a great library, brilliant sweet shop and lovely cafes etc. But it makes me shudder when I’m with them and I see these things.

Since the streetscape project, overall I think the traffic calming has worked. Narrowing the road has made most drivers more cautious and thus they slow down. However, it’s clearly not enough, as it doesn’t seem to phase selfish people who care not for their own safety, let alone the well being of others.

Sorry my first post wasn’t of a more positive nature. Next time I’ll post some good news. : )

Take care and have a lovely weekend,