Dartmouth Arms to MeatLiquor

Just seen on Instagram that MeatLiquor are taking over the Dartmouth Arms.

Looks like it’ll be roasts, pints, fish and chips with added excellent MeatLiquor burgers. I’d imagine a bit of a re-decorate to fit their style too. While it’s obviously sad that the previous owners couldn’t make it work, I’m glad to see that this Forest Hill land mark can continue as a pub.


Yes! :raised_hands:t3:

Although sad to see a half decent pub go. Only the sylvan and signal are left of any mention now in forest hill.



Oh… this is dangerous news. Having Dead Hippies in easy walking distance could be highly detrimental to the waistline. Can’t wait!


I bet they’ll do really well there, forest hill has a gap between the nice pubs and the nice restaurants, I always find myself going further afield to find something more gluttonous. I hope they refit it well, one or two meatliquors I’ve seen have gone over the top on their weirdness.

I don’t think it’ll stop being a pub - it’s just now going to be a pub that will sell MeatLiquor burgers too.


From their post: “This VERY handsome Victorian Public house will be getting a MEAT makeover and pulling pints from July 1st. It’ll be respectful of the building, area & Pub traditions alike.
Expect :beer::beer:,:hamburger::hamburger:,Sunday Roasts and​:fish:&:fries: on Fridays.”
I read that to mean it’ll still be a pub!


Open from July 1! Yay… they can’t be doing anything too extreme then. Seem to recall many of the other ML’s have taken an age to actually open after being announced.

Looking back at the IG post, I remember going to both Meateasy and the Rye Hotel pop-up…

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YAY! MeatLiquor burgers are so amazing - goodbye waistline!!!


The opening of the ED restaurant was severely delayed, though if I recall there was a ventilation issue which need to be addressed and took them a long time.

Sounds quite specific to that site? The Dartmouth Arms has a fully operational kitchen already, so I’d guess this might be a bit more straightforward?

God I sound like I’m working for MeatLiquor’s marketing team. Though if they DO want to offer me free burgers in exchange for promo…


You and me both, @westy1980 can join that unofficial marketing team.

But it’s worth reminding everyone to sign up on their website for FREE SH#!T as they say… as you usually get a free birthday burger… and some other discounts through the year on bank holiday Tuesdays etc.

Not sure we’ve ever had quite so active a thread on a Tuesday morning… food motivation is strong in SE23.


This is SO exciting. I must say I’ve really cut down on my meat consumption over the past five - ten years so eat meat on occasion rather than daily. So when I do eat meat it’s for a treat. This will definitely be top of my list. It’s so tasty.




This is such good news. A brand takeover without the full brand makeover? The dream. And this will hopefully start to attract [quality, indepdendent-spirited] big[ger] names to the high street.

I also really hope MeatLiquor bring their hard shakes with them, because good LORD some of them are amazing.


This is awesome news! Need to start running again to lose this lockdown weight gain so I can replace it with my upcoming ML weight gain.

Are they taking bookings yet!?! :laughing:

They do these amazing veggie burgers and starters. Which is why as a vegetarian I’m excited for their arrival!


What brilliant news!! I’m also vegetarian and their veggie offerings are fantastic.


I’m an omnivore and I still agree that their veggie things are fantastic. I’m partial to the Tempeh Tantrum on occasion.

That’s not an opinion shared by all