Dartmouth Road Closure [Now Open]



Two cans of that stuff knocks you over… I just love it!


What a nightmare at the bus stop outside the former Woodman pub on Kirkdale during the afternoon school run.

As there’s demolition work, there’s a fence which blocks most of the pavement, which led to 40/50 kids blocking the pavement as the buses aren’t running along Dartmouth Road.


We have been informed that due to the extremely cold weather work has not been possible on the road (the materials will not set properly below 3 degree). For this reason the road is NOT scheduled to reopen on 11th March. The exact opening day will be confirmed in due course - once the impact of the cold has been fully understood, but the contractors are keen to get back to work.

The Street Party will still be going ahead on 10th March on Dartmouth Road, on the section of road that will be shut to traffic.


Anyone know the organisation behind this? I want to contact them.

My daughter and friend - both schoolgirls at Sydenham School - have been made to feel very uncomfortable by some very overt staring from the workmen. Apparently they actually stop what they are doing to do it. Ridiculous. Especially in these sensitive #metoo times.


Kier Highway Services Ltd – London Highways Alliance Contractor are carrying out these works on behalf of London Borough of Lewisham.
Although I expect the actual work is subbed out to various others…


Great, I’ll start there. Many thanks, Nick.


Has anyone noticed the rubbish bins on Dartmouth road haven’t been collected in a while? I now have a build up of rubbish bags outside my front door.

Also there’s a car park off Dartmouth road (possibly servicing the shop owners or private flats somewhere, not sure?) and the bins there haven’t been collected since before Christmas! Now it’s a big fly tip… have been trying the council with no luck so far and have tweeted them again no luck!

What’s the point in all the nice road resurfacing when there’s old rubbish all over the place?! Grrrrr


Yesterday I had email from a resident and I have escalated it to the refuse team. If the rubbish is not picked up by tomorrow can someone let me know and I will jump up and down…


Thank you Maja, yes will keep my eye on it, thanks for your help!


Dear Maja
There were still piles of rubbish along Dartmouth Road yesterday even in parts of the road not closed. Along with ever growing graffiti…would it be possible to contact the council again to alleviate both problems. Thank you.


You could try the ‘fix my street’ app which I’ve found the best way to report things to the council.


Thank you Pea. I have used that before but as Maja had already had contact and an assurance it would be fixed, I thought I would let her know that it has not been. I know these are difficult circumstances but it’s beginning to look like the winter of discontent on Dartmouth Road…am sure it will look wonderful when finished however.


Has anyone seen a recent estimate for when the road will reopen?


I’ll speak to Curtis tomorrow and get an update :slight_smile:


There is an app? This sounds great, can you report uncollected rubbish etc? We are having real problems with rubbish in Longfield Crescent.


Yes - you can report missed collections. More info and links in this topic


I reported some rubbish on Dartmouth Rd via Fix My Street on Saturday. The more of us that report the more pressure can be brought to bear. It is easier if you take a photo before starting to file the report.


Yes you just upload a pic and add comments. I’ve found it the only way to get the council to do things as it’s completely transparent and they have to update when it’s fixed. Good luck.


Dear Maja and all
Just to say the bin men have arrived today on Dartmouth Road. Thanks to a concerted effort by all.


The Tarmac is being laid on the Road at the end of next week, so D Rd will be open for vehicles Saturday 31st March.