Dartmouth Road Closure [Now Open]



Thanks for the update Pauline


Can I drive as far @leafandgroove at the mo. Have bags of books that I would like to deliver.


You can park right outside if you approach from the other direction.


I dropped a box of books off to @leafandgroove the other week. Came down Derby Hill (a bit hairy with works vehicles coming the other way!). Parked outside the @TheArchieParker. Delivered books, had lunch. Lovely.


Yes you can but the parking restrictions are back in place it would seem so you can only park for 30mins.


A resident of Century Yard is finding it impossible to get home by car. They have tried contacting Kier and the Council and are asking ’


Now that everyone is used to the closure can we ask to pedestrianise it?


Who would you ask? I have been trying to research the decision-making process in Lewisham, without success.


If only life were so simple. Not too sure people who require regular vehicle access would like that too much. Nor those who can’t get buses from near their homes etc.


Perhaps just let the buses back but not the cars. The local residential area has benefited from the reduction in commuter and other nuisance parking.


I’m intrigued - how do you define “nuisance parking”? Or indeed, commuter parking?


Nuisance parking on Dartmouth Road is pretty obvious: it’s the cars parked half on the kerb narrowing the road just enough so that buses can’t pass when there is traffic in the oncoming lane.


Nuisance parking - People who drive to Forest Hill from Greater London and Kent, then park for free in residential roads in Forest Hill and get a train to work in central London. They will return once the road is open again. We need CPZ to stop it, then people will be able to park and use local businesses, and stop blocking residents in FH from parking anywhere near their properties.


But how am I going to spend my summers, sat outside Sylvan Post watching buses trying to pass each other with cars parked either side

Hours of entertainment (I drive but not in London). Honestly it would take ages for vehicles to pass and people would have to encourage each other to go for it…


Well let’s allow buses and deliveries as well as residents to use the road maybe that’s an entertainment compromise


All it is going to take is one vehicle parked slightly on the road, two buses won’t be able to pass, and god forbid a fire engine or ambulance is behind them on route to an emergency.


Alternative venue - seats outside the Greyhound will make a perfect spot for watching the chaos that is the Cobb’s Corner roundabout.

I think there a greater measure of vitriol in the arguments that ensue when things go wrong there.


Especially if they put a Nando’s there !


Had not thought that one through.

Do you think they will use the chicken pieces as ammo when the bun fights start ?


Chicken bones, obviously! lol

Anyway, back down the road to Dartmouth and the grand reopening. Will be interesting to see how it flows now for sure. As for emergency vehicles getting stuck, always such a painful thing to see.