Dartmouth Road Closure [Now Open]



I remain surprised if not shocked that everything hasn’t been renewed underneath Dartmouth Road. If it had been then there surely would be no surprise water leak causing (an 8 week!) delay. MajaHilton seems to imply that utility updates were a part of the planning but if so it doesn’t seem to be particularly great planning.

Walking along Dartmouth Road I’m not that impressed with the quality of work. Lots of poorly aligned and chipped slabs and, as I’ve mentioned before, falls to drains are wrong so there is a build up of muck and grime deposited where rainwater pools at the low point before the drain.

One more thing I don’t understand - the parking/loading bay outside the beauty shop / Woodland stores isn’t wide enough to accommodate a vehicle. What’s the story there - looks like anything parking there would either be half on the road or, most likely, half on the pavement.

Hey ho.


Or maybe not.


I agree with you. It looks a total mess. One section of the road the paving slabs are mixed, others they are plain. They have oil stains all over the them, and when dogs mess is left it stains them. Very poor quality materials.


Hi @Foresters
Yes Thames Water was encouraged from the start of planning to replace all services, but they are a as someone has put it ‘law to themselves’ and chose not to. It is difficult for the Council or TFL to forsce them to renew pipes if they don’t want to.

As the saying goes, you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

I am aware of the snagging list, but I will welcome anyone to meet me on Wednesday 7.15pm to inspect work done at that point. Although the Tarmac will be laid, area in front of Forest Lodge will still be work in progress.

That will be loading bay only if I am not mistaken. As far as I know it meets minimum width standard and it should be just enough to park on it. I guess opening the doors should be done with care to other road or pavement users.


The parking bays are not wide enough for a delivery van without blocking the pavement. The florist van won’t be able to park near the shop without blocking the road. Ditto every other business requiring parking for anything larger than a mini. Did the moron who designed the reconfiguration e er gist the site?


Thanks @InTheNightGarden

Oh dear. If you don’t mind can I use the picture when I ask the questions please?


No problem. As long as you don’t campaign for putting the street back to how it was! I couldn’t stand another 6 months of this!


I think the photo above is slightly unrepresentative: The van has parked very badly; if it had parked properly (so that it was as far in the bay as possible) then I think it wouldn’t be blocking the road (it would probably be level with where the double yellow lines begin) and it wouldn’t be blocking the pavement. And as Ms Hilton said these are supposed to be loading bays, not parking bays. Again that comes back to ensuring parking is properly enforced on Dartmouth Rd which I still think is going to be the factor that determines whether the redesign is a success or a gigantic waste of money.


There is a loading bay like that on the railway bridge on Sydenham Road. It’s designed to take the van partly off the carriageway without eating into too much of the pavement. It is usually possible to pass with care, even on that very busy road.


Vehicles should be taken off the roadway completely! The width of the narrowed road is the width of two buses (not including mirrors) plus about 12 inches. I have been stuck on a bus for 20 minutes because people have parked on Dartmouth Road when it was wider. God forbid a fire engine needs to get through, as they have to go the long way round because two buses are gridlocked.


So just to summarise what the other three solutions available here to the planners would have been:

  1. No loading bay
  2. No footway
  3. One-way traffic carriageway

Any chance that any of these options that would have pleased everyone? Thought not. The result can be seen on the photo - in my view a good compromise as long as the bay is actually used for loading only, which should be at limited times.


Remember, though, this a bay for loading, not parking. The driver will be there and able to move if necessary.


They could have put loading bays outside Heron House, where they have built the giant litter bins, or opposite the pools, where they think it is necessary 20 feet wide. Or the delivery drivers could park in the station car park. Make Dartmouth Road a red route. Any part of a vehicle over any part of road should be instant fine.The delivery drivers have trollies. I work in Central London, and you can’t park outside the majority of premises. So the drivers use a barrow, or in the case of draymen, a heavy duty trolley and walk the two or three minutes to the delivery address.


I have to agree on this point.
The “use” of the pavement spaces on the two locations where the pavements are vast, while “pleasing on the eye” apparently to some, has been a lost opportunity IMO.


I am going to reserve judgement till after it opens. This loading bay is probably by design, some might say it is very economical with space but I trust Maja will ask the appropriate question. I am just waiting for the buses to stop again, I have missed them.


Buses can barely pass each other. I still can’t believe that – considering this was the main problem with the road – the choice was to narrow rather than widen it.

I am not at all looking forward to the road reopening and the greatly increased journey time on the buses. The current diversion makes getting to work a lot quicker.


I believe the objective was to create a better pedestrian environment and encourage more people into the shops.


Busses and trapped cars pumping diesel fumes and honking horns - a mile-long tailback of furious drivers, delayed on their commutes, stuck in their cars on the main shopping street of Forest Hill.

I’m not convinced this will create a better pedestrian environment.


I said exactly the same thing on the other forum back in April 2015 when the consultation was open -
I have been looking at this and my solution (breaking a few eggs!) would be to insert camera-enforced double red lines (as it is affects the movement of buses and traffic on Tfl’s junction on the Sth Circ) and very strong bollards all the way through the bottle-neck right out to the kerb line to protect pedestrians. This would unfortunately prevent loading and unloading for the traders along that part of the road so, to compensate for this, there would have to be a re-jigging of the wider pedestrian areas extending from the bottom of Derby Hill to the betting office to provide some strictly enforced loading bays.


You’re right. Lets pedestrianise it and create a people/family friendly environment compkete with sidewalk cafe lifestyle. Or limit access to buses only.