Dartmouth Road Events during the period when sections of the Road are closed



Hi All

As sections of D Rd will be closed March/April 2018 while the last of the works take place I’ll be coordinating events to take place at weekends. The first meeting will be sometime in September (I’ll post info here when date & venue are confirmed).

If anyone wants to be involved in organising these events please reply here & @ChrisBeach can add you to the group that’s been created already on se23.life for peeps that are interested in getting involved with this.



Thanks @Pauline :+1:

People are now able to add themselves to the group: https://se23.life/groups/DR_Festival


Young Lewisham Project might well be interested in participating in this, depending on when it is. So please keep us informed. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure will Sarah, I’ve got your email so will keep you updated :slight_smile:

Maybe YLP could take on a day of events, especially with the bike project you guys do.

Hopefully one of you can come to the first meeting when I arrange it, if not I can fill you in anyway.

Ideally I’d like to have events on Saturdays & Sundays, but if it ends up being just me organising all I would only be able to concentrate on Saturdays.

Hence my call out for helpers :slight_smile:

So if anyone wants to get involved & help please do :+1:


Perhaps we could run our Saturday Bicycle Group there & could perform ‘Dr Bike’? Fixing locals bikes for donations? We could also potentially have a stall selling the items our young people have made in our carpentry workshop? Just some initial ideas. It will obviously depend on staffing/funding availability, but in principle think we’d be interested in being involved.


More than happy to work on this with you, sounds great!


When will the road be closed? From where to where? Thank you.


I’m not sure, but it will be in sections March/April 2018

I’ll make all aware as and when I find out :+1:


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