Dartmouth Road - Open for Business



Well it never really closed for business, just traffic.

But finally, after a gruelling 16 weeks or so - the carriageway works are now complete and the road was reopened for through traffic as of early this morning.

Why not get yourself down there this bank holiday weekend and take a look at the results - and while your there, show the local shops a little love. I’m sure they could do with it!

[if someone PM’s me a picture of the road open with traffic flowing, preferably with a bus in it - I’ll add it to this post, which should also get the message out over the various Twitter/Facebook etc.]

Dartmouth Road Is Open For Business
Dartmouth Road Closure [Now Open]

Let’s all hold our breath and see what happens at rush hour when two buses are coming in the opposite direction… :pray:

Good luck to all the traders this weekend - weather looks fantastic so hopefully lots of people will be out and about on Dartmouth Rd.


That’s a really supportive heads-up from you guys @armadillo and @stepover - so yes everyone, the bus stops are more conveniently located now and, for those of you in Honor Oak Park, it’s only 1 stop down the line or, if you’re driving in, there’s 2hrs FREE parking in Sainsburys & Perry Vale car parks.


If anybody sees people parking on those double yellow lines, take a photo, or at least pretend to do so. We need to make sure people understand that parking on the double yellows on Dartmouth Road is not acceptable.
We have been promised an increased presence from traffic wardens.


Are the buses running along the road yet?


Yes, saw a 197 this morning.


Thank you! I can now visit some local shops instead of having to get a taxi back from shopping in Penge or Dulwich!


Buses passed each other today with no problems & the traffic flowed all day today with no back ups at all :+1:

The only person that I saw parking on a double yellow line today was the Royal Mail van, with the same driver that I had words with about parking on the pavement last week (this didn’t go down very well though I stuck to my guns) - just to point out there were parking spaces on both these occasions where he could have parked.

Next time I will blatantly take a pic and report him to both LC & Royal Mail!


Better still, call the parking attendant to be in the area about the same time the following day. I doubt that RM will pay for the fine instead of its drivers.


Best to leave the traffic wardens to do their job. I certainly wouldnt antagonise someone by ‘pretending to take a photo’ of somebody wants to show a complete lack of consideration by parking badly they are hardly likely to take much notice of a local would-be vigilante waving a mobile phone around.


No probs, I’ll be taking down
the. registration next time Mrs x


I have never seen one issue a ticket in Dartmouth Road.

When I walked through on Sunday evening, there were three cars parked over double yellow lines, and well up on the pavement - outside the Bird in Hand, opposite the Sylvan Post. It spoils the scene and there were plenty of parking spaces not far away.


There is a new camera high up in front of Heron House pointing down the road to South Circular.


With the road as narrow as it is now, I can’t wait to see how it copes with traffic.


As far as I know it should be in working order within the week :+1:


I spent a couple of hours yesterday on Dartmouth Road, walking up and down, there wasn’t a single point during that time that there wasn’t at least one lorry or van parked on the double yellow lines, and often cars as well, with their hazard lights on mostly. Not once did I see a traffic warden, and although the new traffic camera is a good idea, it seems to be partially obscured from seeing much beyond the Bird in Hand.


This lunchtime there were four delivery vans or lorries parked temporarily (?), with their nearside wheels half on the eastern pavement, as we drove southwards, with a bus coming in the opposite direction. Not surprisingly there was a hold-up, though to be fair not a very long one.

Can anyone remember whether we had any sort of official promise that there would be a blitz by traffic wardens, at any rate a temporary one, immediately after the road re-opened? I though we had, but I may be misremembering.


I was just thinking about this as a I rode down there earlier - every time I have been down the road it has been perfectly fine but of course that is just a snapshot so I was wondering what it is like in general. Nice to hear from folks who live/work on the road…


Now we have our new road and pavements I was wondering if there is a shop traders association who could encourage the shops that don’t already to make their shopfronts more appealing? things like:
Painting over the graffiti on their shopfronts/grills which crept on during road closure.
Washing Windows and providing good window displays?
Taking charge of the pavement in front of their shops as far as rubbish removal is concerned.
Someone to take care of the “empty” shop frontages for now.
and lastly, If funds permit, adding hanging baskets, flower pots etc?.
I know some shopkeepers are on top of this already but not all and it would be great to see a thriving vibrant high street looking the best it can after all the disruption.


I noticed this car parked well over the parking bay outside Woodland Express & Gloss Nail Salon as I walked past yesterday afternoon. Included are pics of the vehicle.