Dartmouth Road - Open for Business



You obviously are not aware that BMW drivers do not have to comply with rules of the road! I did read somewhere that new models will be fitted with indicators for optional use. That said if one deploys the park anywhere lights on any vehicle they are absolved of all misdeeds.


My suggestion to prevent this type of parking back in April 2015 when the consultation was open -

…very strong bollards all the way through the bottle-neck right out to the kerb line to protect pedestrians.

It’s still not too late to do it though!


These people only speak one language. Money. I heard council’s are struggling for money these days. Time to get out there. We got a goldmine on Dartmouth Road.


I think that you are confusing them with Audi drivers.


I think we need a concerted campaign about this (maybe a new thread, @moderators?) to nip this in the bud.

The first thing I am wondering is: are the illegal parkers a small number of repeat offenders who know there are no consequences? The vast majority of people park responsibly. So why do we have a recurring problem on this stretch of road with illegal parking?

How long are they parked there? Which establishments are they visiting? Are any of them in liveried vehicles so the drivers could be reported to their employers?

Much like the community speed checks, I think a community parking watch project is needed. If people could take photos EVERY time they see illegal parking, showing the vehicle reg and where they are parked, and post it in a dedicated thread here with the time, we might find a pattern. At the very least we would have documentation to present Lewisham to press them to get tickets issued, and fast.

As someone pointed out, there’s money to be made here for Lewisham. I see the moped parking attendant in the local council car parks a lot, ticketing people who are at least parked in a car park. Let’s get him out on Dartmouth Road for, say, a week, and see how many tickets he could issue.


Great idea Rachael :+1:


A thread with miscreants is a good idea.

This morning at 9am there were no illegal parkers though there was a man on a moped already checking.


Noticed a delivery driver the other day, parked on the other side of the road with spaces available.

Also got to say, the traffic speed has really increased, people are really bombing down there now.


The dastardly postman was at it again yesterday!

Took pics, tweeted then & got a reply from both our new Cllr Sophie Davies & from Royal Mail.

Will keep y’all posted :joy::joy:


Just needs a concentrated blitz on illegal parkers over a couple of weeks to have a long term effect until memories fade.


I’ve worked in retail display for over 10 years and am currently on maternity leave if anyone does want any advice on that sides of things! Would be lovely to see the road do really well and be a bit of a destination now it is reopened!


We’ve added olive trees outside the library & bay trees outside mine & @leafandgroove yesterday that were left over from a previous FH Society #EdibleHighRoad & had been looked after by Jake from Devonshire Road Nature Reserve :+1::+1::herb::herb:

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The more greenery the better…looks good and also helps with traffic polution. Are there any plans to roll out to all shops as happened a few years ago and which looked so good.


When quite a lot of us had them it was the individual shops that paid for them that got them.

These were the ones that were left over from then, I got my shop ones as my previous ones were stolen & it was decided to put the others at the library & @leafandgroove because of the community connection,

Myself & @Zoleipar from @TheArchieParker were chatting the other day & we’re trying to brighten up our little strip :slight_smile:

It looks lovely when she has the Just So pop up flowers outside at the weekend & she’s doing another pot for outside @leafandgroove then in about 4 weeks time we’ll have a new shop on the other side of me which will be a Florist (so lots more greenery outside there) by a local Mum, some may know her already as she’s done workshops at Stag & Bow previously & will also be doing workshops at her shop when she opens soon :+1::+1::herb::herb:


Royal Mail have been very swift getting back to me. They have DM’d me with a reference number etc.

So tomorrow I’ll email Sophie at LC & Royal Mail with pics and all details needed.

If everyone can take a pic of any culprits please do & Mail LC with info, if anyone feels uncomfortable doing this or is not sure who to send them too please send them to me & I will report them.

My email is sugarmountain.info@gmail.com

Happy Sunday all :heart_eyes:


I appreciate what everyone’s trying to do here to keep the traffic moving on Dartmouth Road, but I’m afraid that I have some sympathy with the Post Office delivery guy as he’s doing an important job for us; and, generally, he’d only be parked for a very short while to make a quick drop-off.

The photo on post 29 makes it look like he’s just being plain ignorant but, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I’d say there must have been a car parked in the bay when he pulled up.


He’s done it so many times now & I’ve had many arguments with him & he has been so rude to me when I told him not to park on the pavement.incase he damages it.

He’s parked on the pavement & yellow lines so many times now.

P xx


Fair enough!

I appreciate your passion and pride for the place Pauline.


What happened to the store that opened next to you Pauline - seems like it didn’t last very long? I seem to remember it was a beautician-type place…


Hi Jon, I’m the landlord - yes, unfortunately the beautician’s mother was in very poor health.

Moving on, the shop is being refurbed to a good standard by the new tenant and will be opening in a couple of weeks.

I’ll leave it to them to announce themselves.