Dartmouth Road - Open for Business



Gosh, that’s a shame. Thanks for the update.


I know. :wink:


Just seen two more culprits parked outside the JobCentre as I was walking back from the Library.


I’ve looked for this, but haven’t managed to locate it so far. Is it attached to the building? Which floor? Definitely working?


Not the best screen grab from Google - but almost lost in the trees in this old shot is the camera.


The output from the cam does not appear on any of the TfL Jam Cam feeds.


Please tell me where to look - foreground? Lamp post? Building?


Perhaps these hard balls should be used along the whole road to stop people parking on the pavement. Photo of them outside Forest Lodge.


I have been updated this evening from a reliable local resident.

The camera has been removed.

It was still in-situ when our inspection of Dartmouth Road was carried out on 18 April 2018 - but 'tis no more.


Just when it might be useful …

So having spent ££££££ on a nice new landscaped pavement, we have no traffic wardens, no cameras … business as usual.


Excellent and probably not too expensive or perhaps the ‘bells’ that are on some road corners. Or maybe cubes to allow the odd weary shopper to sit for a while.


I know we’re all on the same page re: maintaining parking standards etc, but is it fair/a good idea to be posting people’s cars and number plates without a) their permission b) blurring the numbers?


I don’t see a privacy issue here. It’s a public space and they are breaking a law. It’s very different from posting pictures of, for example, someone’s house. When you see the media blurring licence plates it’s because they are showing a well-known person with their vehicle.


Public space, photography and posting of such is very much legal.


You could always ask the illegal Parker’s if you can take their cars photo. I wouldn’t advise it though as I well know.


Ok, lack of knowledge on my part.


We shouldn’t have to become parking wardens, it’s the Council’s job.


Agreed, but I think collecting evidence we can present to the council to ask therm to send the parking warden up the road more often is a good idea.


Who in the Council? I can imagine the responses
“We don’t have resources to process this information”
“We don’t have a process to deal with this information”
Unfortunately - in common with other Boroughs - the pattern is to issue tickets on quiet streets where there is no shortage of parking. Where they are really needed - next to schools, on bus routes, high streets, etc. wardens are scarce. My hypothesis is that where there is a danger of altercation, they avoid the scene.


He’s still at it. Post Office van parked on the double yellows this morning despite there being MANY free bays. Unfortunately I could take a picture as I was driving.


I’ll get back on the case tomorrow Rachael