Dartmouth Road - Open for Business



I’ve been away from things for a while but walking along Dartmouth Road pavements seems to be a very sad affair considering the excitement, anticipation, effort and time that went into its renewal just a few months ago. Some thoughts, mainly negative unfortunately…

It’s filthy! Sure it’s no longer erupting down towards London Road and the bits that are ‘high quality paving’ are quite prettily laid out - beneath the grime, chewing gum and chicken shop style grease. The regular pavers have the same grubbiness without the nice design. All this further enhanced by leaking rubbish bags and the constantly fly tipped rubbish.

The road surface is very good but why do the nice slim yellow lines look like they’ve been applied like transfers with extra wide gluey margins. Just messy.

This may have been addressed before, but how are the ‘uncontrolled pedestrian courtesy crossings’ supposed to work? Cars don’t seem to know about them - they’re not raised and aren’t signposted as far as I can see so I don’t understand how they are intended to be used.

Why the concrete spheres? I didn’t see these on any of the original improvement drawings and they don’t seem consistent with the rest of the road in design terms. It looks like someone ordered them by mistake and had to find somewhere to put them.

So, does anyone know if there is a council plan to clean the pavements and to organise the bins on the pavement. It’s such a shame that some sort of a ‘bin plan’ was not built into the re-paving scheme.

Also, does anyone know if the falls to the drains were corrected after the snagging inspection to allow rainwater to properly clear from the pavements - I’m sure we’ll get rain again one day!


I totally agree.

I think a lot of those oil and grease marks were caused by the contractor’s machinery while they were on site because I’m sure I remember thinking how shabby it looked from day one.

I reckon it needs a good de-grease and jetwashing.


There are more Road works on D Road near the Bricllayers pub which means there are no buses running on D Rd, though drivers can access the Road both ways by using Willow Way as a shortcut, this is the Road on the left by the Bricklayers Arms that will bting you out at the Tesco Metro at Kirkdale.


Most have been quieter than normal this last week due to this, so pop by and say hello over the weekend if you fancy it, we’re a friendly bunch :slight_smile:



Anybody know how long the current roadworks are going to last?


Does anyone know when Dartmouth Road will be open to buses again please?


Looks like on Saturday the 13th, according to TFL’s bus route status site.


The 176 was diverted last night.


The new street scape scheme in Dartmouth Road also caused a lot of complaints.

At least the Council recognised the number of complaints about this project and it has presence on their “increased complaints” list.


Looks like the finishing date has been put back again,
I’ve just seen on the TFL website it’s now showing as not finishing until Sunday 21 October 2018!


It’s another smack in the face for traders with the buses yet again diverted away from Dartmouth Road and London Road.


far as I lnpw these works were Thames Water and wil be finished on the 21st October.

Then there will be more works starting next week just outside Ald Life Charity Shop!
It’s never ending :frowning:


More like the 21st November. If they ever put a date on works finishing in Dartmouth Road, just add a month. It’s a remarkably accurate formula.


It would be helpful if 176 drivers could announce the diversion before they turn right towards Sydenham,


Most of them do.


Forgot to upload this pic on Tuesday. Car parked right on the pavement in front of PaddyPower. Unbelievable how people think they can just park where they like any time of the day.


I just saw my first Christmas advert and it encouraged viewers to shop local, and use visa.

Consider the first bit.


Received this update from Kier’s on 26 November, regarding the remedial and snagging works to be carried out.

Started this week and scheduled to be complete in four weeks.

Dear Mr Doherty,

We have re attended site today, the works will continue for four weeks to carry out the snagging on the project. This includes the areas that have been concreted instead of paving. The paving is in our depot and our teams will be changing these areas over.

I hope this information is satisfactory,

If you need any more information please feel free to email me,

Kind Regards

Curtis Woodruff | Schemes Site Supervisor

Kier Services I Highways I 191 Tunnel avenue, Greenwich, SE10 OPA

Edited to correct an omission

Kier’s did not confirm that a request to power-wash the paving surfaces would be carried out to restore the aesthetic of those surfaces…

Clarification has been sought.