Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



I didn’t think I would ever end up posting such boring photos but they do make a point. The photos are of the junctions to the north of Dartmouth Road. There is a major difference in the length of the double yellow lines, one is about .5 of a metre after the crossing paviours where loads of children from the 2 schools and families going to the pools cross on Thorpewood Avenue and the other which is 5m is on Derby Hill where there aren’t as many kids crossing and where you get less cars turning in.

The double yellows on TA are followed by single yellows but as we know from Dartmouth Road, single yellows are a complete waste of time in preventing people parking. Thorpewood Avenue has very high traffic levels and at times cars racing down between the parked cars outside the library and school so they don’t get trapped as there isn’t enough room for 2 cars to pass. You need to step out in the road to see past the cars/vans to cross.


Proper traffic enforcement needs to be implemented it only has to happen for a few weeks before the idiot drivers get the message and the problems stop.
That of course excuses those drivers who have the special park anywhere flashers which seem to be used to justify any transgression.


My point is more that you should have more than 50 cm of double yellow lines between the crossing and the road at a dangerous junction where loads of people, many of them kids who can’t see over cars cross the road.

Most people respect double yellow lines and see them as marking out some place where you cause danger to other people or your car by parking on them, they don’t require a lot of enforcement and it is easier to enforce.


We have a situation in Wynell road turning left from Perry Vale cars park just on the corner. When I asked why no yellow lines as it would prevent an accident, I was told there was limited funds and perhaps if an accident occurred it may be prioritised.

So when someone gets knocked down they will sort it? Sorry to be so blunt but previous experience in two other locations I have lived (Cambridge, Suffolk) this proved to be the case unfortunately one death and one serious injury suddenly road marking and central islands were installed.



With regards to the parking spaces being created by narrowing Dartmouth Road, will these be permit only parking?


No they won’t.


That’s going to be part of phase two so the residents of Dartmouth Road can park near their homes :relieved:


Worse part for us Dartmouth Road dwellers is that we are all being choked to death by the traffic fumes before, during and after the roadworks…isn’t there a law against that?


Oh well done Lewisham Council. Spending millions in order that the residents of the flats near the library can’t park where they live, but people who want to drive in from Kent etc and commute from Forest Hill can park nearer the station, and don’t even have to pay parking now!
Why can’t they give residents priority?


All the parking bays on Dartmouth Road will be time limited, so useless for commuters (and for residents). A CPZ on Thorpewood or Sydenham Park could be considered if the residents want it - and the commuter parking, teacher parking, and shop employees will be displaced to other local streets.
I doubt the council would put a CPZ on Dartmouth Road as it would have a negative impact on shops. So a permit system on Dartmouth Road seems highly unlikely.


Wasn’t the money for the works provided by TFL not Lewisham?


TFL have been the main source of monies for this project!


Personally I think this will look amazing when finished.

Though it has been a hard slog for traders to miss out on custom throughout this.

It’s 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other in my opinion!, My quotes are rubbish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope all carry on shopping, eating ,& drinking on D Rd to support us the local traders, sadly I know some are suffering.

So keep shopping at your fav places please to keep them on the High Street.

None of us are invincible you know, including me.

So if you want to keep us, use us during this testing time.

Merry Christmas to all and best for the New Year.



Walking along Dartmouth Road on my way back from closing up the Library this evening and the continual parking along there is ridiculous! Cars parking on the new main footpath. They may be popping in to the takeaways to pick up their orders or people visiting residents of Kingswear House! I had to walk around the cars and step into the road.



Are the police able to ticket these cars for pavement parking? Might be worth posting on the crime section gor Sergeant Biddles team.


I have asked for a parking attendant to visit and issue parking tickets for pavement parking. I assume this happened at night time.


Is there no ‘street’ furniture that could dissuade pavement parking without being too obtrusive or difficult for pedestrians to negotiate?

Perhaps a WiFi bench, or flower planters?


Thanks Councillor Hilton. Yes in my experience it has been a regular occurrence from about 7pm onwards during the roadworks. 3 or 4 cars regularly parking on the pavement (ie all 4 wheels on pavement completely blocking it) just near Derby Hill junction.


Forest Hill does seem to be the Wild West when it comes to parking. I walked down Thorpewood yesterday to Dartmouth and noticed cars parked over junctions while there were spaces at the top and on Radlet. This is very dangerous as kids walking down from the school are forced into the road. I know there was pressure on parking yesterday because one of the local roads is being resurfaced but we should not be rewarding bad behaviour because of lack of enforcement. The road works showed how full those streets are. It will be interesting to see what happens if the rumours are true that residents on one of the streets is reconsidering the council’s offer of a single yellow line aiming to implement it over the summer which would remove all the all day parking outside their houses.