Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



It affects all of London. Definitely not isolated to Forest Hill. Good way for the Council to raise more money. Simply enforcing the basic regulations in the Borough.


I thought Dartmouth Road was supposed to be closed to through traffic from today for six weeks?


Probably at least 6 weeks before Dartmouth is closed, don’t remember the exact date but it is probably on this thread somewhere


I’d say Lewisham recognised this when they offered Thorpewood a single yellow line, maximum disruption to all day parking at the minimum cost.


I slipped a couple of times today on a wet new pavement. I thought is it was my fault with choice of footwear, but a conversation with a local shopkeeper suggested this was a real problem with other slips and falls having been observed.

Also, wasn’t there a plan for activity when Dartmouth Road is fully closed? The thread I have found on the subject is closed due to inactivity…


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I remember there were similar problems with slippy surfaces when Sydenham Road was repaved with the same stone a few years ago. It’s fine down there now, so hopefully with a bit of weathering the new pavements on Dartmouth Road will be the same.


Hmm. Maybe. Don’t particularly like the concept of a new pavement being slippery upon installation though!

There is a further problem which seems to be one of basic engineering. The fall on the pavement seems to be insufficient to get water into the drains, so much so that water pools and remains standing - I observed this when it was raining yesterday on the pavement around the ‘Aldlife flytip’ corner, so not sure if it’s an isolated issue just in this location. It does seem strange that they’d go to such lengths to install paving but not get something basic like this right.


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Not sure I like all the big planter things on the pavement. What a waste of space.


But many do like the big planters on the pavement and it was an incentive brought in a good few years ago.


Fair enough, was just sayin mate. Just seems like a lot of clutter. Sure it will look better when it’s all done.


Does anyone know whether the two dilapidated and graffiti covered phone boxes outside the Sylvan Post will be removed? Disappointed to find mature trees removed from that spot but those eye sores still in place!


When I walked past yesterday they were the only things still standing… :frowning:


Just curious to know if the water or sewer main (or whatever it is that periodically springs a leak) is being renewed while Dartmouth Road is re-done. I’d assumed it probably would be, but the solid trenches of concrete I’ve seen going in across the road in the current works would seem to make doing this tricky.


Lots of questions about this project (see three examples below). Has Lewisham Council appointed someone as public liaison officer to answer these questions? Is there a project manager we can ask? It will be too late to ask when the project is finished.


One thing which might be good is if the pedestrian barriers were arranged to be some sort of deterrent to the mopeds which seem to be paying no regard to the road closure.

A couple of times now I’ve been walking through the site and had to step aside while some oik motored through.


I seem to remember reading on the Sydenham Town forum that removing old telephone boxes is quite problematic, because it is unclear who owns/ is currently responsible for them.


Remove it, and you’ll find out soon enough! :smiley:


When I walked past last Saturday the non-BT one had been removed.