Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



It affects all of London. Definitely not isolated to Forest Hill. Good way for the Council to raise more money. Simply enforcing the basic regulations in the Borough.


I thought Dartmouth Road was supposed to be closed to through traffic from today for six weeks?


Probably at least 6 weeks before Dartmouth is closed, don’t remember the exact date but it is probably on this thread somewhere


I’d say Lewisham recognised this when they offered Thorpewood a single yellow line, maximum disruption to all day parking at the minimum cost.


I slipped a couple of times today on a wet new pavement. I thought is it was my fault with choice of footwear, but a conversation with a local shopkeeper suggested this was a real problem with other slips and falls having been observed.

Also, wasn’t there a plan for activity when Dartmouth Road is fully closed? The thread I have found on the subject is closed due to inactivity…


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I remember there were similar problems with slippy surfaces when Sydenham Road was repaved with the same stone a few years ago. It’s fine down there now, so hopefully with a bit of weathering the new pavements on Dartmouth Road will be the same.


Hmm. Maybe. Don’t particularly like the concept of a new pavement being slippery upon installation though!

There is a further problem which seems to be one of basic engineering. The fall on the pavement seems to be insufficient to get water into the drains, so much so that water pools and remains standing - I observed this when it was raining yesterday on the pavement around the ‘Aldlife flytip’ corner, so not sure if it’s an isolated issue just in this location. It does seem strange that they’d go to such lengths to install paving but not get something basic like this right.


From the FH Soc website.

Blockquote Phase 5 – will commence on 09/01/18 on Dartmouth Road, between A205 and Round hill Rd will have new Granite Sections installed into the carriageway. A road closure of Dartmouth road will be in force to through traffic for 6 weeks to enable the works to take place. The Granite sections will be built in localised road closures, to allow access to shops and facilities via either end of Dartmouth road. A letter and local engagement will be sent out 3 months in advance of works.

Blockquote Phase 6 - will commence on the 07/02/18 on Dartmouth Road, between A205 and Round hill Rd, the carriageway will be resurfaced . Works will be completed over approximately 3 nights and involve a full road closure for the three nights. A letter and local engagement will be sent out 1 month in advance of works.

Now clearly either they’ve fallen behind or are going to do the resurfacing over three nights along the whole of Dartmouth Road which needs resurfacing over three nights in Feb?