Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



Do we have any firm dates and schedule of what bits will be done when?


Having read this thread and the original proposal doc on the council website (which appears to be the only document available?!) I have a couple of questions:

  • The original consultation document had as one of the objectives of the project to NARROW the road. As this thread illustrates this road has a massive problem with congestion caused by parked cars. So narrowing seems to be lunacy unless…
  • They are going to make the entire stretch from the S Circular junction to Forest Hill Pools no parking (except one or two unloading bays) and enforce that. It sounds from Michael’s post as if maybe that is what has finally been agreed.

Can anyone confirm this understanding?

(It’s worth noting that over the past few months the pavement on the West (Heron House / Sylvan Post) side of the road has been utterly destroyed by cars and buses driving up the curb onto the pavement to allow traffic to pass due to the parked cars on the opposite (East) side of the road - the changes cannot come soon enough)


The date the work is expect to start is around 1st March, but I’m awaiting official confirmation.

The road will be narrower and all the existing parking bays on the road will continue to be available (with a few extra opposite the swimming pool, and a few less opposite Holy Trinity school).

Slight narrowing of the road (or widening the pavement if you prefer) will make it a nice place to walk and shop. Double yellow lines will discourage unsociable and illegal parking, and traffic should generally move easier.


Thanks AGAIN Michael


I was wondering whether the works have started?


Nothing’s happening yet!


There is some work on Dartmouth Road outside Sydenham Girls with a set of temporary traffic lights though probably nothing to do with the improvement works. Perhaps, Lewisham is being sensible and not allowing the main work to start until this finishes as two sets of temporary traffic lights on Dartmouth Road might turn it into a car park.


The work outside the school is to enable wheelchair access at the bus stops and repave the surrounding footpath. A letter from the contractor said the work should be completed by the end of March and made no mention of if/how it is linked any other work.


D Rd improvements are from the library down to the traffic lights that link with London Rd & the South Circular.

So these works outside Sydenham Girls School are not related to the D Rd improvement scheme.


As the Dartmouth Road’s improvement works are due to be starting very soon - and as this will prevent car parking for the duration - I think it would be a good idea for the traders association and perhaps FHSoc to ask Lewisham council if we can have 2hrs free parking in Perry Vale car park to help mitigate the disturbance and losses to local traders.


I’m sure they’ll agree - but it will take until 2019 to change the ticket machine…


Brand new tech just out. A bag over the machine! Free parking.


It’ll have to be specced out, put out to tender, PFI options considered, planning permission - 2021 at best.


Doh, of course it would. £13-15,000 per plastic bag at least!


Spoke to the guys that are doing the D Rd improvements today!

The work starts on 1st May & will take 7 months - last 6 weeks of the works D Rd will be closed.




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Just occurred to me: isn’t “road works” an oxymoron?


Yup, but I’m looking on the bright side :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I’ve always wanted to have a massive street party on D Rd & this could be my chance :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Interesting. If traffic is going to be closed off, could there be a street event? Back home in Canuckland loads of communities do annual sidewalk days when local retailers take their wares to the street. Outside shopping with festival style stuff.

Could be fun?