Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



That’s exactly what I’m thinking - a Christmas festival for the reopening of the new Rd - and we have months to plan it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

ETA I’ll speak to our Cllrs to see if they can help me get permission, and if we get permission we could set up a group to organise the event :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


We have had a leaflet through our door from a ‘group of local residents’ in the Thorpewood Avenue area. It expressed concern about two things.

The permanent loss of parking space in front of the Forest Lodge flats means that thirty cars will in future have to park elsewhere, probably on the streets on the other side of Dartmouth Road where there is already a lot of pressure on parking.

And ‘the bus stop opposite Thorpewood Avenue…will be moved to a narrow point by the two Delis [?} towards the bottom of Dartmouth Road near the traffic lights. This will cause a major disruption to the flow of traffic as it meets the South Circular and create a potential hazard to pedestrians negotiating their way across a traffic jam.’ I must say I hadn’t taken on board that the Thorpewood Avenue southbound stop was to be moved - I thought there was going to be an extra stop further north. (And what about the northbound Thorpewood Avenue stop?)

It is suggested that we share any concerns with our local councillors. A bit late for that?


Robin, as far as I know the bus stops being added are extra. So the one opposite Thorpewood will still be there.

From SE23 to the countryside

From memory the area by the new bus stop will be widened.


Robin, I’d say the group of residents are from Dartmouth Road and are probably not looking forward to the council taking away the parking in front of their homes including Forest Lodge. I am surprised that they got it wrong about the bus stop as I was also under the impression that it was staying.

They say removing the parking will worsen congestion in Thorpewood Avenue, Derby Hill Crescent, Radlet Avenue, Round Hill, Featherstone Avenue and the top end of Kirkdale. I think all of these roads apart from 2 are full most of the day so not much will change.

They have reasonable concerns that with Dartmouth road being dug up, emergency services access via and onto Thorpewood Avenue to the 2 schools, library and swimming pool needs to kept free.

I agree with you about the councillors, it is a done deal but there is no harm in asking them about the safety concerns.


Robin could you please share this leaflet so that some can address any worries residents have that sent this leaflet & also as a couple of things on this may be wrong info (or not) on this leaflet.



My information from the council officers is that no traffic plan have been submitted or agreed yet.

Party great, 6 weeks road closure erm… No.

Dartmouth Road Event Saturday 10th March - Updates

Dear MajaHilton

While we have your ear on the Dartmouth Road Improvement Works may I ask if you would mind trying to promote this idea to the relevant council department please - and thank you!


We should extend the party to the adjoining roads.

Bring back street football, I am happy to put my full size portable goal on the street in the evenings.

We would need to change some of the local streets to access only.


Here it is. Sorry about the quality - I had to retrieve it in a crumpled from my wpb.


I took the liberty of running it through on OCR program… I had to manually correct a few errors - please let me know if I missed any.


Major work will shortly begin on planned improvements to Dartmouth Road. Inevitably there will be severe disruption for a prolonged period whilst they are carried out. At a cost of 1.8 million pounds we need to be confident that all the proposals will have a positive impact on our community.

Two features of the scheduled work are very worrying.

Parking loss:

The parking in front of Forest Lodge flats, which has always been used by Residents ,will be lost with a consequent displacement of nearly 30 cars into nearby Roads. Inevitably this will worsen congestion in Thorpewood Avenue, Derby Hill Crescent. Radlet Avenue, Round Hill, Featherstone Avenue and the top end of Kirkdale. There are obvious safety concerns given that there are two primary schools at either end of Thorpewood Avenue as well as the local library and swimming pool. The plan deprives the residents of Forest Lodge of their parking facility and has a negative outcome for the neighbourhood as a whole.

Relocation of bus-stop:

The bus stop opposite Thorpewood Avenue serving three frequent routes will be moved to a narrow point by the two Delis towards the bottom of Dartmouth Road near to the traffic lights. This will cause a major disruption to the flow of traffic as it meets the South Circular and create a potential hazard to pedestrians negotiating their way across a traffic jam.

If you feel you will be adversely affected by these plans please share your concerns urgently with your local councillors asking for changes that will avoid the problems and take-more careful account of the needs of our community.

Names and email contacts for the councillors:

Maja Hilton - maja.hilton@btinternet.co.uk
Peter Bernards – peter.bernards@aol.co.uk
Paul Upex - Paul_Upex@labour.org.uk
London Assembly member Len Duvall len.duvall@london.gov.uk

This leaflet reflects the concerns of a group of local residents. For further information, email:
David Whiting: davewhiting@hotmail.com or Jenny OShea: osheajenny838@googlemail.com Helen Shreeve: Helenshreeve@gmail.com


What’s wrong with flinging a couple of jumpers down at each end?


I am hoping for sunny weather so nobody will be wearing jumpers


Maja, does that mean you will help me with going about getting permission for organising a big opening event for D Rd on the last day of closure, regardless how long D Rd will be closed for.

If it does, thank you, we have loads of time to plan something amazing & my brain is working overtime on ideas now :slight_smile:

  • Ice rink at FH pool forecourt (I’m not mad @AllInnOne had one quite a few years back & this space would work).
  • Real reindeers (again not mad, Holy Trinity get them for their live nativity each year).
  • Hot chestnuts
  • Mulled wine
  • Lots of creative locals setting up stalls
  • Local Traders setting up stalls outside their shops with Christmas offerings (this could also make up for trade they may have lost due to the works)
  • Local residents coming to join us like @BorderPaul suggested
  • Sure we can get stuff going on outside the library
  • And so much more, but I’ll stop boring everyone now with my ideas

More than happy to take the lead on this if we can get permission :slight_smile:

Sorry for going a bit off topic everyone, back to D Rd improvements & dates for the works


Pics or it didn’t happen! :wink:

Great suggestions BTW! :thumbsup:


It was around 10ish years ago Chris, their garden was turned into an ice rink, sorry no pics on my iPad from that long ago but sure Julia @AllInnOne or @Michael can confirm this & they had reindeers there. I took my kids & it was amazing :slight_smile:


Sorry - wasn’t being deliberately flippant - (“pics or it didn’t happen” is an internet meme for when you’re told something astonishing). I can see it happened in 2009. Brilliant stuff!


:joy::joy::joy: I’m rubbish when it comes to internet stuff :slight_smile:


I can definitely confirm Chris that it is true :slight_smile: we had a huge ice ring one year and the year after the real reindeers…will try and look for some pictures xJulia


I’d like an ice rink. As a Canadian I’m automatically better than you on anything with ice. Torvil & Dean, Robin Cousins and the 2006 Scottish women’s curling team were aberrations.