Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration



The land is Council-owned so Forest Lodge owners/residents have no rights over it. It doesn’t have drop kerbs along most of its length either, so the parking that has been taking place there has been on an informal basis. However I do sympathise with the people who currently park there, and those who live on streets which will receive the displaced parking.

That said though, my family and I walk past Forest Lodge along Dartmouth Road on a daily basis, and the parking there is problematic to say the least. There shouldn’t be vehicles manoeuvring around the rear of a pedestrian crossing. The crossing itself has suffered three of its four protective wooden bollards being destroyed by cars. Similarly there shouldn’t be cars parked and manoeuvring around a bus stop. But even taking these two particularly sensitive areas aside, it’s also fundamentally unsafe to have cars reversing out onto Dartmouth Road across the footway. Antisocial parking is a frequent problem too, with vehicles often partially and sometimes fully blocking the footway. All in all it makes it a pretty rubbish place to walk.

During the design development, parking bays between the footway and the carriageway (i.e. not involving vehicles crossing the pavement) were investigated by Lewisham Council and their consultants along the stretch of road from the bus stop to the crossing. I’m not sure why these haven’t made it into the final design, but I suspect that they failed the safety audit. In any case, they wouldn’t have matched the numbers of spaces lost, so the issue of displacement would have occurred anyway, albeit in lesser numbers.


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One supposes that if parking in adjacent streets becomes a problem then the only solution will be CPZ?


I posted this elsewhere ages ago on this subject.


In a bout of laziness, but also to avoid the sudden rain shower I caught a bus on Saturday from Kirkdale with the intention to get off by the Capitol. I was amazed at just how the traffic crawled when we hit the shops in Forest Hill. Furthermore, with the huge gap between the Dartmouth/Thornberry stop and the one by the station I had no hope of abandoning my red ship when I found the traffic came to a stand still. Thankfully my bus driver took pity and opened his doors, but that is not supposed to happen.

Any improvement on that is an improvement for all. So I’m sorry if a few cars may be displaced but for me moving people is the priority.


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Will the road works actually help the way traffic slows down on Dartmouth Road at approximately the swimming pool on the way to London Road? I have to take the bus that way daily and it can add a long time to the journey – especially frustrating if you hope to get to the station but can’t get off, but also if you’re staying on the bus. If I understand the plans, the road will not be widened despite needing to be – have I got this right? In that case, I can’t see the point of the expense and disruption.


I’m by all means not an expert on these works. I understand though an extra bus stop is to be added between the station and Thornberry. So for those times there is congestion you’ll be able to easily get off and walk the rest of the wa.

The improvements are also about improving the pedestrian experience which hopefully will encourage more people to the shops.

Parking in Forest Hill

Assuming parking controls are effective, the new road markings will mean that we don’t have the situation where buses can’t pass each other, and so there should be less congestion.


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Timetable for improvements work has now been made available and will be delivered to residents in the immediate vicinity.

Work begins on 2nd May 2017 and will be completed in March 2018. Full road closure for 6 weeks from 9th January.


Hopefully they’ll find time to fix this problem, which I told TfL about a year and a half ago…


No. That is a different project, that I hope might happen in 2019!


I’d say it is on their optional fix list along with permanently fixing the water leak.


Zoom in to see this image of the full plans:

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Dartmouth Road Closure [Now Open]

Yes can see it very clearly zoomed on my iPhone.


It looks like no work is scheduled from 4th December to 8 Jan 2018 for Christmas moratorium.

What is also not in the letter is the contingency period for overrunning of 49.5 days.


Really good to keep the road open during the busiest shopping month.


How do we get stock delivered to our shops during the 6 week Road closure?