David’s Rd/Devonshire Rd Church

I may of got out of bed the wrong side, but in our current world health crisis, why am I hearing singing, live music & ranting from the church in between David’s & Devonshire Rd this morning. I thought there had to be restrictions in place!
Why anyone would allow or want bellowing at the top of their voice to a congregation is just ridiculous & a choir of people singing. Seriously don’t people care? Beyond belief!

I understand people are missing so many things, but we are all having to make huge sacrifices, whilst some going through traumatic times too, to try and reduce the spread & give us some kind of normality and family & friend life back!

Dear God,

Please help people to use their common sense & try to protect one another.


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I believes churches could reopen to worship from July 4th but have to maintain social distancing. Group singing though is off the table.

Well it’s something to do with enforcement.

“There are restrictions in place” is a statement rather like “There is a road closure in Devonshire Road”. Both sentences grammatically correct but currently not describing the reality on the ground.